About Wayne Searfoss

Waybne Searfoss profile sideWayne Searfoss has been preaching on the streets for almost 70 years! He was born in Findlay, Ohio in 1930 and grew up on a farm near Mt. Blanchard. Though his parents Orla and Mabel were devout Christians he became very rebellious. Then in 1942 was saved in a revival meeting at St. Paul’s Church near Vanlue.

He began to preach in High School in 1947 and went off to Olivet College, Kankakee, IL in 1948. After school was out he found a one room school in the mountains near Pleasant Hill, Tennessee and experienced revival there. He has preached with the likes of “Holy” Hubert Lindsey.

After a year in Tenn Tech he went by faith evangelizing, preaching on the streets and in revivals in Kentucky, Georgia and Florida, Also spent some time preaching in New York and became a pastor of a church in Rochester, NY in 1954. A friend invited him on a trip to Europe and the Holy Land. He enrolled in Mercer Univ. in Macon, GA and was called to pastor Harmony Church near Unidilla, GA.

In 1958 he and now a family with four children, Olivia, Steve, Tim and Jonathan moved to Tampa, FL where he lived for two years and felt the call to Mexico. Finding a job he moved to Monterey, MX in 1960. After learning the language he left his job and by faith began preaching in the remote areas where the gospel had never been heard.

He began publication of the Martyr Call newsletter. He preached in more than 30 villages and in 1967 left four churches and moved to the closed Catholic state capital of Queretaro. After a tremendous pioneering 7 year struggle a large building was built and Wayne was jailed for ten days and deported from the country.

In 1975 He moved to Caracas, Venezuela where finally land was found and a building was built after evangelizing over various parts of Columbia as well as Caracas. He moved back to Queretaro, Mexico where he is believing and working for another great advance in the kingdom and is in the process of completing an AM radio station that will reach millions. Click here for more.