GMFC Bungoma Kenya Update June 2015

We thank God that Pastor Moses has just recovered from malaria! He has been very sick the last 2+ weeks and is just now getting back on his feet after many visits to the hospital for treatment. His report this month however is not hindered one bit! His words below.

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“Praise the name of the living God. First, I would like to apologize for my late update.This is because I have been down battling malaria but thank God because you brethren stood with me in prayer I am now fine again. I got a serious attack  and for the last 2 week been in and out of hospital.

I am here to testify the great works of God that HE is doing. Although the enemy has been fighting, the bible is clear that we are not ignorant of his schemes. To me this means that we have to be extra alert and vigilant. The enemy has been on me through people who pose as men of God. I first blocked them who were bent to lead me out of the truth. As if it’s not enough, one traveled miles and miles to come to my house to talk ill of global mission for children and the brethren. I no longer doubt the way am walking in the the servants that God  has given me. He was an enemy of the truth and I felt the devil was using him to discourage and trash what I have learned. So I asked him to leave my house. The devil is persecuting  those who are standing for The truth. We must be vigilant and watchful.

My ministry is experiencing the light of the truth of the word of God. The teachings that send me weekly have been of great help and it’s working at turning our old false and heretic way of thinking to the truth. The truth has the revival fire that no one cannot resist. This truth has revived a new fire in our church! I take the warning and cautions you share with me with humility, you have been a true brothers so please keep warning and cautioning me.

I have learned to be obedient and every day I turn from all the people I get warned against. Some of these people come with big promises of silver and gold. We not only have faith in God for the necessities of this world but more so for the kingdom’s sake.

I praise and thank God for the support that you have been offering to me. The support has given me some peace of mind to concentrate to the things of God. I no longer worry about the landlord throwing my things away. This money also has a very big role in providing needs for the orphanage. I was able to buy 40 quality text books that this orphans are using. Actually I was able give 40 text books and five teachers  guides. The cost of these books is high and I will be able to pay installments over the next 4 months.

We have a serious challenge, there is a outbreak of jiggers. All this children walk barefoot and now almost half are inflected. Because of this, the remaining money bought desks and kerosene. The drugs for treatment is expensive and out of my reach so I use a traditional method which using kerosene to kill the flees.

Mama Jane is also a beneficiary of the support I get. We have a total of 96 children in our orphanage school. We do not just teach to give worldly knowledge but we set a Christian foundation for these kids. The orphanage is situated in an area that is surrounded  by witchcraft  and traditional and occult believe. I preach in these villages twice a week and often come across heavy demonic attacks. Please keep me in your prayers.

God bless you.
Moses Sifuna Wafula