Bungoma Kenya Medical Mission

One of our mission partners is Dr. Andrew Otieno from Nairobi Kenya. He is a medical Dr. and has dedicated his life to serving the Lord in one of the poorest slums in the world, the Kibera slum where he was born! His sacrifice is a great example of giving one’s ALL to Jesus. As we visited him in June, we witnessed the incredible work he is doing including an orphanage, a widow program and a free medical clinic for the poor! He has now agreed to donate his time to travel, approx 9 hours, to Bungoma Kenya to examine each an every one of our 150 children in our 2 orphanages/day schools. We will be able to make this happen for less than it cost me (GMFC founder Jimmy Miller) to get a CT scan a few weeks ago here in the US! The total cost is $2,000 US and that includes all labs, 3 individuals (lab tech, pediatrician and nutritionist), the child’s 1st EVER exam, a chart, and all the medicine needed to medicate immediate health issues (see chart here). Please consider helping us as 21,000 children die DAILY in Africa and Asia because the have never had the chance of being seen by a Dr and they die even from simple infections that you and I would treat with a $4 prescription! You can click here to see the detailed spreadsheet of itemized costs. God bless you.