This is a letter that brought so many to tears. It’s also one that should convict every single reader that has the Spirit of God in them! Our dear brother Moses in Kenya writes his story growing up. If you think for a minute your “problems” are “great”, think again. Your “problems” are minimal compared to the developing, forgotten, world. May God bless you as you walk in obedience. If you are not, repent and serve Jesus!

We received this letter September 17th, 2015 from pastor Moses Wafula (mission leader in Bungoma, Kenya). We like to keep these in their original format. Glory to GOD!

“Praise the lord,

Please allow me share a different kind of update.

I’m fine and doing well in the lord. Today i would like to share little about my family. I lived an orphan like life though both my parents existed. My father left my mother with my 6 brothers and 4 sisters in 1991. As the last born i was just 9 years. My others siblings were maturer than me but today i look back and can say all of us got seriously affected. My mum worked in peoples plantation to feed us all until it wasn’t possible at all. My three sister got married prematurely and as minors. My brothers and i opted for streets because there at least we could get some food in garbage cans. We ended up sleeping in verandas on our street because our grass thatched house leaked seriously when it rained and could not accommodate us anymore. I can now look back and thank God because i never thought of using drugs as all others kids used them.

I’m telling you this because as i tell you this,my heart is at great pain because 4 of my brothers are dead…of AIDS. My two sisters are also sick of AIDS. One of my sister lost her husband 10 years ago of AIDS. Their health has seriously deteriorated. One of my other brother also called this week while in hospital and broke the news that he was also confirmed to having Aids. This is too heavy for me,Only 3 of us in our family are safe, this was brought in by my father who now is bedridden and seriously ill. My mom was very sick last year and only prayers healed her. Just when the doctors had given up,just when i had taken her back home to wait for death,i went with some brethren in prayer and fasting and that’s how she got her healing. The Doctors had said that she suffered a spinal chord stroke. They said it was impossible for her to be well again,she couldn’t talk,or move any part of her body. As i write this,she is fully in her good health and walks long distance every Sunday to be in Church.

My fellowship with you gave me a total renewal. Both spiritually and physically. Teachings i have got from you have given me a fresh start and a brand new life having forgiven and left the bitterness off my heart. I’m completely liberated and my focuss now remains to serve the most high God. Thank you and all bothers in the fellow as i continue to stand and serve him in obedience. He had a purpose why he connected us, please lead and guide me in the ways of God. My heart yearns fro more of your grace in serving him and the depth in the knowledge of his word. As the bible says in 1 cor 11:1 I’m following you as you follow Christ.

Today i writing this with a very heavy and broken heart. Tears are rolling down,this established me more into the ministry I’m doing both in church and orphanage. This makes me hold tight to the vision of serving God and the little orphans. God had a purpose and still has a purpose to us me.

Thanks a lot for your support that is doing great in the kingdom of God. The finances you have blessed me with had gone a long way in helping the 2 widows in church as well as the orphanage. I have continued with village evangelism and church revival.

Please pray for me as i labor for his kingdom. Today I’m leaving to be in the presence of the God for some .


Your brother in Christ.


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