Pastor Moses is Experiencing REVIVAL in Western Kenya!


Over the last few weeks, we have had the incredible blessing to listen to some of our missionaries give their testimony. Brother Moses form GMFC Kenya shared his with us and it was incredible. You can click here to listen. Also this past month, brother Moses preached to 1,500+ students at a college and had in excess of 100 pastors at a conference at his church! He is now being invited to so many churches and events since he started preaching the TRUE gospel of repentance from sin and holiness. Exactly opposite of what is happening to these hardened people we call Americans. Glory to GOD for the open hearts overseas! Below is his report:

Praise the name of the lord,

Its a blessing for me today to have this time to give a report of what God is doing in this side of the world. I believe you are well kept in the lord together the brothers and sisters of the fellowship.All is well as we continue speaking the truth of the kingdom of God.
The word of truth transformed me and also gave me the power to have a fresh powerful beginning. Gone are days I relied on theology to make a point. Theology never changes peoples lives but the word of the mouth of God. Without holy living its impossible to preach the word that transform the lives.This is what  i have leaned in my years of service to God. The wasted years of pretense and hypocrisy are over, the days when serving God was normal and impact-less, when sin to the pastor and the congregation was all normal, when repentance was a foreign word in church. And by his grace I have learned and practice the holy living. The sinful pastor will have a sinful church and holy pastor will have a holy church! This has happened practically and now I see the church living and practicing the life worthy of a true Christian. Besides the growth in numbers, I also see growth spiritually where people pour their heart not fearing to confess their sins but openly confessing and repenting. I know this because I decided to change my approach by learning to speak the true word that I have acquired from you.
The knowledge I have received has also taken me places to preach the word. Just the Apostle Paul said in 1 cor 11:1 when he urges his followers to follow imitate him as he imitates Christ. I chose to do the same by imitating the zeal, the desire for holiness and righteousness and the boldness is in you in delivering the word of God. I have preached in different places-in the same spirit the outcome is amazing.
20151114_161912The meeting at the university went on well and the fruits are already evident. I preached to more than 1500 young people and prayed to hundreds who gave their lives to Jesus. Demons cried out and left some as I lead them in deliverance, I really don’t know how many gave their lives to Christ because they were so many. Some of them attended the weekend meeting and invited me back again.
On 21 and 22nd we had a very powerful meeting in our church bringing together pastors, bishops and all that that have been part of the ministry. The meeting was so successful that time was too short. The heavy rains did not stop us, even without electricity we stretched into the night and managed to deliver what God had purposed. We managed to get over 100 visitors for the meeting and was so powerful.
I plan to have more and more of this meetings more often as the lord leads.
Please pray for us as we are faced with new challenges daily. We need an extra classroom at the orphanage school as we haveIMG_20140908_085849 received so many more applications from orphans as young as 2 years. We are trusting God to admit at least 20 in January. Because of the new kids we desperately need an extra classroom for them.
Please continue praying for us because as the work grows the needs keep increasing. I try me best to divide  the support I
receive to the areas where its best used. The 2 widows, the orphanage school, the preaching missions and the church.
God bless you all-
Moses Wafula
GMFC Kenya
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