GMFC Bungoma Kenya Update July 2015

Praise the name of the Lord,

I thank the most most high God for his grace and favor. We are all fine in the pressing on in faith. I have seen the greatness of the lord and today I am not ashamed to give this praise report. I continue to experience the goodness and love of God through the fellowship of brothers and sisters of GMFC.

Today is the day the miracle and prayers I have been praying have come true. The boxer motorbike is now with me. My dealer has just delivered it 2 hours ago. I am very excited.The days I walked long distances connecting villages and markets are now gone. This is for the work of the ministry and I will not have an excuse not to preach. I used to have a big problem connecting between where I stay and the orphanage which is 50 km away. Its now going to be very easy for me to do this work of Christ. May God bless brother Jimmy and the entire GMFC fellowship.

This is the month the i received shirts that preach as I walk. The shirts also were great encouragement to me and the ministry I am doing here. We fitted in the sizes well and we wear them daily because of the powerful message on the back. I gave my three pastors a shirt each, another one I gave to a bishop who has a ministry and is a great man of God I am mentoring, and finally, I gave another shirt to a lady called Dorcas who helps me with the orphanage. I remained with 3 pieces that we wear every day with my wife. I am sorry I was not able to give any to the kids because they are a bit too big.

I would like to report that the fellowship of GMFC is increasingly working miracles in both my spiritual and physical lives. I am learning through the experience I am getting that the people have a hunger for the truth. People are tired of church games, they want the truth that is able to transform their lives, this is the truth that I lacked and my ministry really suffered. People were coming to church but since I got the truth, and began learning the truth, I have seen tremendous growth in church. The church that had only 65 people is now approaching 120 members. We no longer have sitting space so please pray for us as we need more land and more sitting space.

Its powerful to finally have a church that is well taught and rooted in the truth. I have taught holiness and repentance and I see great fruits. I can see from the way people dress, talk and associate.

The pastor who struggle with sin makes the church struggle with the same. A sinning pastor has a sinning church!!! I am not ashamed to say that I was a sinning pastor leading a sinning church to hell before I met the saints of GMFC. I am not ashamed to confess this because I am now free and confident in the Lord. This is what I have learned since God connected me to the brothers of this fellowship, Real freedom comes from the true word from the true fellowship…

Although we have not physical met with brothers Jimmy and Marvin, I do feel a lot of spiritual connection that has transformed my life. The DVDs rearranged my spiritual life and by his grace I received a new anointing, a true spirit from the truth I received.

I would like the brethren to know that Bungoma, Kenya is experiencing the true, living God. I get invited to preach in conferences but I am careful and cannot attend any without consulting with the GMFC brethren. I used to defile myself a lot with every kind of message but now am no longer a young christian tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

God bless,

Blessing from your brother in Christ.

Moses Wafula

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