GMFC Mission Leader Moses Travels to Moyale – Clean Water is Desperately Needed

Brothers Moses and William in Moyale Kenya

Brothers Moses and William in Moyale Kenya

Brother Moses, our Kenyan mission leader from Bungoma, visited our Moyale mission leader, brother William. His visit revealed such a great need for clean water in this marginalized land that the rest of Kenya does not really recognize. My heart was grieved when I got his report, but at the same time, I am rejoicing as we will now pray and work to get them clean water to drink! It’s also going to be an incredible evangelistic opportunity as you will see from Moses’ report below. Hallelujah

Praise be to God,

I am glad to have this time to give a report concerning the Moyale mission field. By the grace of God I managed to travel the thousand Kilometer(615 miles) away and do believe that my presence was of some help to brother William and the Moyale community. With very limited finances, I managed to make it to brother Williams without being a burden to him in any way.
I began my journey on 20th Feb at 7pm and reached 22nd Feb at 5am. Its by Gods grace I would like to share the clear picture of how things are in that region of Kenya. Moyale is situated near the border of Kenya and Ethiopia, this is the northern part of Kenya. Most of these people are pastrolists(people who raise animals) with a lot of cattle, goats and camel. This is one of the regions that is really rural and marginalized. These people lack a lot of things but I want to talk about just a few:

The Filthy Drinking Water of Moyale, Kenya


The people of Moyale have a very serious problem accessing water. The only water that can be found nearest may be between 8-20 kms(4-12 miles) away. However,this is not clean water at all, this is the rain water that was collected 6 months ago. The water is collected in open dams dug in the ground. The ditch remains open for Animals and people to use as you see in these pictures. Sadly, that is the only water that the Moyale community relies on. The water is not only shared by people and their animals alone, but also wild animals.

Looking at the area and the region of Brother Williams, I can be of great help to him, the community and the kingdom of God as we work in unity as GMFC. If God opens a way so that a well is drilled at Williams church compound, he will use the clean water to sell to the entire village! Also, the soil beside the church is very fertile and he will use the water for irrigation and and grow crops that will make him self sustainable withing a short period of time. He will also take advantage to use the way to evangelize to the muslim community around that place. Many people will see what miracles Jesus is able to do having got clean water and will follow HIM and be converted I am sure of it.

Drinking Water in Moyale, Kenya

Drinking Water in Moyale, Kenya

Another option is to dig our own water collection dam, in this case, a sizable dam would be dug and a polythene material is placed under to hold the water. Then, a fence is put to the dam from intruders. A 10,000 ltr water tank is connected to the water together with a water purifier. A diesel water pump is fitted to pump the water from the dam into the tank through the purifier.He will then sell the clean water and use other for irrigation while evangelizing to the lost muslim community. We shall pray for whatever is God’s will and for donors to make this a reality.
99% of the population is illiterate. Because of the marginalization and the pastrolistic nature of the community, there are no schools at all. The available public school is more than 15kms(9 miles) away. So, the children don’t get education at all. I felt that we will win this muslim community to Jesus by setting up Christian schools too! We will then set up strict Christian foundation compulsory for all children. They will not learn and their parents, those who are able, will pay tuition. This will make the Moyale mission field self reliant, praise God! Please note that this community, though marginalized, they are not extremely poor, everybody in that area owns cattle and goats so the opportunity is great for us to sell water and start a Christian school.
Worshiping at the Church Under a Tree

Worshiping at the Church Under a Tree

It was great ministering to the church under a tree. The people are truly willing to hear the word f God but the greatest barrier is language, they only know and speak one language, their mother tongue. I also ministered at brother Williams church. I met brother Joshua who is now the pastor of the church under a tree. He is a good brother that with good mentorship can be of  great help to the ministry of the Moyale mission field.

The mission was a great experience to me and I believe with regular such visits William will continue to be encouraged.
 God bless you brother and everyone who donates to the mission here in Kenya and around the world. HIS true word is being spoken through the ministry of GMFC! AMEN! -Brother Moses