Kibera Slum Poverty Help Kenya Nairobi Global Mission For Children

GMFC Kibera Slum – Nairobi Kenya Mission Field

We have teamed up with pastor Joseph Otieno who lives and ministers in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. He open-air preaches Monday – Saturday in the Kenyatta Market and holds Sunday service in the Kibera Slum. He has also launched an incredible micro-finance program where you can help a poor woman for just $50 start a business! His Story is below.

I’m was raised by a single mother and because of poverty, I left school to help my mom raise my younger brothers. I’m the first born in a family of 9 children. I am born-again abiding in Jesus living and preaching holiness. I have a wife and seven children, very humble from my childhood. Standing by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what I am committed to do. Kenyan churches are now commercial properties preaching “miracles” and prosperity. If supported, I’ll be a threat to many false professing Christians and I will preach to them to repent of their false belief and doctrine. Where I operate in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi Kenya, pastors and church leaders are against me because I speak the Truth of Jesus. I preach Repentance and holiness salvation. I am praying for sponsorship to preach full-time to as many Kenyans as the Lord allows, the real truth, this is my prayer. Jesus is my security and my Blessed Hope. By the Love of Jesus, I fear Nothing. God bless those who support the preachers of the Truth.