Wayne and Maggie Searfoss Profile PictureGMFC has partnered with brother Wayne Searfoss who has been a missionary to Mexico since 1964. He was born in Findlay, Ohio in 1930 and grew up on a farm near Mt. Blanchard. Brother Wayne has preached the true gospel of Christ on the streets for 68 years with the likes of ‘Holy’ Hubert Lindsey and many others. He got called on the foreign mission field in 1964 and hitchhiked there from Tampa, FL. You can read more details about brother Wayne by clicking here. We are so very honored to be able to partner with Wayne, his wife Meggie and his ministry, The Martyr Call. He is an incredible example we should all follow as he preaches holiness and repentance as commended by the Lord Jesus.

He is launching a new AM radio station in central Mexico where there is great demonic activity and a “circle of silence“. It’s the last bastion of the wicked cult of catholocism in the Americas and Wayne has just constructed an AM radio tower to broadcast to millions of people in the overnight hours.  Click A M Radio towns covered to view the list of towns/cities/villages that will be reached.  He will be preaching over the airwaves where no one else has ever gone. Almost all living there understand their only diversion is getting drunk. Many spend their wages in their vice where wives are beaten and they begin intoxicating from about 9 years old. This is how they were taught by unholy parents in this godless society. These souls have no hope and have lost their dignity. Only the gospel can change their plight as they hear their very first gospel song and hear the Holy Spirit speaking to them to their hearts with godly preaching. We will be beating down the gates of hell and opening them to salvation.

The areas we will be reaching had forbid non-catholics to come to their towns! But in the night in their homes they will listen. We have overcome many difficulties and now have the location and the 3 phase, 220 volt electric meter installed. The three 39 foot posts are in place 320 feet apart to place the antenna that we plan to reach 600 miles with. We have programming prepared and have 62 recorded messages so far.

Please join us below the picture slideshow and be part of this incredible outreach. Just $38 per month will purchase a FULL DAY of electricity to run the AM station and reach millions. You may also donate one time here. Imagine being part of something this big for so little! God bless you as you labor for the Lord.