Pastor Moses’s Weekly Schedule

As the professing church struggles to give an hour or two per week of their time to worship their false jesus, our missionaries are working AROUND THE CLOCK serving God in all they do. Here is an example below from Pastor Moses, our Kenya mission leader.

Monday morning -working at the orphanage.
Monday afternoon -house to house follow up.
Tuesday morning -house to house evangelism,
Tuesday afternoon home church(bethel)
Wednesday -prayer and fasting whole day.
Thursday morning-house to house evangelism,
Thursday afternoon -house church(ebenezer)
Thursday night-leaders fellowship.
Friday morning -work at the orphanage.
Friday afternoon -Evangelism.
Saturday-worship fellowship.
Sunday morning -church service
Sunday afternoon -house fellowship(cana)

By His grace that’s my busy schedule dear man of God. Am happy that he has allowed me to serve Him full time and to its such a privilege that I don’t not even have time for myself. On that schedule, I create one hour every night for my private prayers in church. That’s why most time when you want us to have fellowship I have always told you that am not home.  -Brother Moses