Praying for the Bungoma Day School – Orphanage

Below you will see the precious children at the GMFC day-school/orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya. There are 96 children in our program at this school. We are praying for a donor(s) to help us purchase the 1 acre of land for just $5,000 that this building is on so we stop paying rent, take ownership of it and be able to use it’s land for a farm and to build a full-time orphanage and widow housing too. We have a full-time missionary couple heading there in 2 weeks and brother Justin is a contractor who is going to be able to build anything that’s needed. His wife Rachel is a pediatric nurse! Could God have sent anyone more needed?!? Glory to Jesus! We now know God will send the right people to help us finance it as HE always does.  You will see the children, pastor Moses, and the teachers in the slideshow below.  James 1:27

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