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Most Needed on Mission Fields

Here you can view the Global Mission for Children’s projects that need to be funded ASAP. DONATIONS DOUBLED until December 31st, 2016!* We serve in areas where the average income is about $40 per month. Although the need is so great on all our mission fields as 21,000+ children die daily form poverty in Africa and Asia, these are special projects that need immediate attention and will have the biggest overall impact. God bless you.

Greatest needs(click blue hyperlink to see specific need or scroll below):

1) Church/School/Orphanage Moyale Kenya $5000

2) GMFC INDIA Automobile for Ministry Outreach and Taxi Income Help us purchase a ministry automobile to reach villages and it will also be used to provide income to the mission field as a taxi! 

3) GMFC Moringa “Miracle Tree Project An incredible farming opportunity that produces a crop in 6 months after initial planting and then a crop every 50 days year round! A super hardy “tree” that will produce a super-food from it’s leaves. We will also use the stems to feed livestock and we will purchase $6,000 worth of equipment including a cereals’ cleaner, maize huller, milling machine, spiral miller for mixing the ingredients and weighing scales which will enable us to grind it into a powder to fortify porridge for the orphans, widows and others! This will also allow us to sell to a larger market too.

4) Building orphanage, missionary housing, aquaponic farm and school on Bungoma land we are purchasing (near town)= $5,000

5) 5 Christian Schools in BangladeshClick here to become a monthly partner at just $3 per month per child!

6) $2,500 for church building in India that will complete our mission fields.

You may also sponsor a child here or missionary here or donate one time here. God bless you. James 1:27

*up to $30,000 total.