Testimony of Moses Sifuna Wafula

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Testimony of Moses to GMFC.

“Praise the name of the most high God-

My heart is full of joy as I type this. I don’t know if you realized that I have been absent on Facebook as I have taken time to sit and learn the truth of the word of God.

As I began listening to the DVDs you sent me, I feel a lot is taking place in my spiritual life. My spiritual life is undergoing a rearrangement. In my heart I said do it Lord……overhaul me spiritually.

I have decided to put off any heavy weights, doubts and contradiction. As a keen man, I have decided to let the spirit of God teach me. Like the apostle who counted what he had learned from Gamaliel as dung, I have decided to put off all I learned at theological collages. The theology I learned has not been able to answer my questions in regard to knowing and standing in truth.

I had many questions on the subject of the Godhead. After listening to the first three DVDs about the trinity, all my questions have been answered and I don’t think I am have any questions. I am satisfied.

I embrace this new biblically sound teaching, this is the new wine, I will not put it in old wine skin….a lot is changing now also. My friends are changing, my priorities are being rearranged. I have put off ungodly friendships. As of today, I have blocked and unfriended over 30 friends. I have also pulled out of groups on FB.

Please pray for me as I join you on this narrow path

God bless you-

Moses Sifuna Wafula

Mission Partner for GMFC Kenya”

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UPDATE!!! November, 25th, 2014

“Praise the name of the most high God. I thank you for all you have done. I am taking it slowly as I listen to the messages on DVD. I .am having a feel like quenching thirst. I thank God for this. Today I officially pulled out of the local pastors fellowship. I think this will help me study the DVD’s alone, give myself time to stabilize, and make necessary adjustments to my ministry before I bounce back. I am not going to wait to be secluded, I am secluding myself to learn as I am being fought but will not be moved. Some friends are giving me conditions, they fail to understand that the more I listen to these DVD’s, the stronger in the faith. I have 10 brothers standing in pastoral positions that I have began to talk to. Please pray for me. I also need either a phone or a computer with YouTube to be able to teach these brothers and sisters. Then our congregation will learn. Please pray for me.”

More incredible updates as Pastor Moses’ testimony continues. Click picture below.

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