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SDC15101Global Mission has partnered with Evangelist William Wario Kosi in Kenya

William’s ministry is based in Moyale, Kenya. He has teamed up with brother Joshua Galgallo and they evangelize all over Kenya and other countries in Africa including Ethopia and Uganda. Their understanding of repentance and the command to walk Holy is in line with GMFC’s beliefs and the bible. Their obedience to Jesus as they travel and preach on in the remote villages is an example everyone should follow. William was born in a family of 7 siblings. He was saved in 2001 and God called him to work for the Kingdom. In 2003, God gave him a vision of Evangelism to seek for lost souls, to plant churches, and to care for children (Orphans). William graduated from Gospel Garden Bible College Limuru, Nairobi Kenya. In 2004, God sent William to Moyale, the Northern part of Kenya. William, Joshua and the entire church go on mission outreaches weekly to seek for lost souls in every corner of the Nations. They are so grateful to be partnered with a CHRIST centered, biblically sound ministry like GMFC and sacrifice everything to share the true Gospel of Jesus to the people of Kenya and beyond. Scroll down for precious children waiting for a sponsor. You may also sponsor brother William by clicking here, brother Joshua by clicking here, or, you may donate one-time by clicking below. There is an option to make it a monthly donation is you are so moved.

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