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Non Formal School/Adult Literacy

Non Formal School/Adult Literacy

In my country the level of educated people is very low and you people know that as well, 85% of the children don’t go to school. Three-fourths of the population lives in the villages. Eighty percent of the people can’t even earn two dollars a day. This is all about India, but when it comes to tribal people, it is even worse. Among these people, the literacy rate is not even five percent. The reasons they can’t or don’t get education:

• They live too far from the villages.
• They can’t speak local languages fluently.
• The parents of the children are also not educated so they don’t know the value of education.
• They can’t afford the money for the education.
• The government aided schools are only in villages but not in thanda’s ( tribal people village).
• They don’t have anyone to motivate them for education.
• Since the parents of these children are farmers, they even use their children to help with the work.

For the above reasons the education is too far away from these children. Since I know the struggle I had faced for my education, the help I have got from my teacher, keeping in mind that education is very important for anyone’s life, I started my ministry to this tribal people in the form of education.

• Children and adults were able to read , write and do calculations.
• Children were able to continue there studies.
• We were able to teach the parents about the value of education so that they can send their children to schools.
• Through this education we were able to tell the children about the love of GOD.
• Still now, so many families believe and accept JESUS CHRIST as their Lord.