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Testimony of Pastor Wilson Saripalli


I am happy to tell my testimony with you people and I am glad that you people are reading this testimony of mine.

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ my name is Pastor Wilson. I am born in a Christian family in a small village called Veleru, in Krishna district. I belong to a very poor family and I am the youngest of all. When I was born my mother was having paralysis. At that time she prayed to the Almighty God, that she will give me in His service if she will be free from paralysis and the mighty Lord heard her prayer and she got healed from the paralysis.

When I failed in the S S C examination my mother remembered the promise that she had made to God and sent me to the Bible school. Those days I don’t know anything about God. I used to just pray for Him when I get fever other than that I do not know about God personally , but, I was still sent to the HINDUSTAN BIBLE COLLEGE for bible training.

Prayer , bible, repentance and salvation these are the things which I have learned by my bible lecturer Paul Eswarappa. After knowing what God has done for me I have realized that I am a sinner and I repented and accepted Jesus as my Lord and my Savior and I took baptism .

I have got married to Navaratnam in 1990. I and my wife, along with our first born child who was 6 months old, went to a small tribal village. We started living there in a small hut. I used to teach the tribal child laborers in the morning and evening. I used to educate the adults and take the sick people to the hospitals. After seeing my work , the people in that village believed in Jesus Christ and started coming to church. My first service was with a women and five children

In the year 1998 we moved to Hyderabad city and started working in the slums of Hyderabad.The main aim of the organization is to uplift the people spiritually, economically and socially.

Our ministry is carried on by faith, as the Lord provides our needs through supporters and sponsors. We are blessed to be part of GMFC here in India. Please pray for our ministry and be a part of it. Philippians 4:17-20