GMFC/Advance India
To assist believers, pastors, church leaders and organizations in planting churches in a systematic and measurable way among tribal people in India.
1. Evangelize the whole India by conducting seminars, crusades and Gospel  meetings.
2. Establishment and construction of prayer houses in every tribal village.Tribal People
3. Biblical Training for believers, bi-vacation pastors,Pastors, and leaders.
4. Sending people into the missionary field, who are full of the Holy Ghost, with the burden of souls and who committed their lives to God’s ministry, to the unreached for a rich harvest of souls and for the extension of God’s kingdom in India.
5. Seeing people’s lives enriched by the preaching and teaching of the word of God.
6. Seeing great godly men raised up as spiritual strongholds by God and bringing unity and great revival in all Indian Churches.
7. Support to pastors for God’s service to be done mightily.
8. Social services like orphanages, medical camp, educational schools, AIDS awareness program, women empowerment, and old age homes.
9. Providing resources that meet and sustain the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of children under our care.
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