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The TRUTH Reigns in Bungoma Kenya – 8-2017 Update

Below is a blessed update from brother Moses. Please note today, the 1st of September, the supreme court of Kenya nullified the national election which is going to create more chaos in Kenya. Please pray and support these brethren in this great time of need. 

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Praise the Lord dear GMFC brethren,
I am blessed today to send this update with faith that you are all well kept of the lord. I am sorry I haven’t been able to update you as you as expected, I have had few challenges, but thank God, am now through them with victory. I decided to commit the entire month of August for prayer and fasting. I have spent my days in prayer from the 2nd of the month of August only coming home on Saturday evening for the Sunday service and putting everything in order, then going back on Wednesdays to be alone with the Lord. I am glad the month has ended and have spent quality time in the presence of God. This week I have also been a bit unwell physically, maybe because of the many days I spent without eating solid food. I am alright now however. 
I begin my update with our Moringa  farm. All is well and this time the farm has really taken Shape. What we harvested may give between 10 to 15kgs this 1st time around. We are still drying it and will crush after it’s completely dry. We do however have  serious challenges in the farm. Rodents have invaded the farm and are now eating up the moringa trees. I have send you several pictures and a short video on the extent of the the damage. We will however gain victory over this with His wisdom. 

Brethren, I have also send you few pictures of the orphans that I took from their home. Due to political instability, most villages that are deep have not recovered from the unrest this is because the ruling of the presidential election is tomorrow 1st Sept. Because of this factors, I decided that the kids stay out of school  until the tomorrows ruling until I am sure we are safe to press on. A lot of small children have been killed so that made me to be careful. All the schools in these volatile areas are closed. Because of this reason, I have not been able  to bring to you the pictures of the teachers and the kids. We are hopeful that the political games will end tomorrow and by next week, we trust that life will be normal. I managed to get few of them in their homes and have send the pictures.


Brother, am pressing on in obedience of the truth that God is revealing. As I had updated you earlier,made up my mind to press on, not to fill the church with just anyone, but to be filled with Christ in my Heart. The days which I served God as sinner leading a sinning church are long over. With truth that God is revealing to you and passing it to me, the days of hypocritical and lukewarm Christian filling up the church pews are over. We are going to have few that will accept the truth and I am sure we will move on together, as true brethren in Christ Jesus. My desire and vision is to preach this truth to the whole of this country, and if God allows, cross the border with the gospel of truth and establishing small fellowships. Through the fellowships, we will be able to organize meetings and equip the leaders so then can equip others(Disciple them as commanded). I therefore would like to let you know know that the truth is equipping me and I want to equip others even if I have to travel long distances as few will find Heaven.

Widow, Mama Metrine, is fine and sends her love. In the pictures here is another widow, Mama Jane Please pray for her.
May the Lord bless you and all the GMFC brethren. -Moses
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