Urgent Requests & Kenya Update

This is an urgent update from our Kenya mission field from brother Moses. This encompasses the sentiment from all three of our Kenyan mission fields (Bungoma West Kenya, Kibera Slums Nairobi South Kenya and Moyale, Northern Kenya). The situation in Kenya is dire after a horrible stretch of drought and now terrible political tension as the national election approaches in a few months. People are dying from starvation and murder! Pray to help us help these dear brethren as they minister to the downtrodden! 

Praise the Lord. We are fine and well in the lord. Our hands are fixed to the plough and eyes upon Him who is the author and finisher of our salvation as long as we continue to abide in Him. Glory be to the most High God for his grace as we labour for Him. Our moringa Farm is progressing well, although we had hail few days ago that did some destruction. Otherwise, all is well. I am sure in the next 2-4 months we will be able to begin our first harvest. I thank the Lord God too for the moringa powder GMFC blessed us with, it’s such a blessing. The kids are now in school fully as they are less sickly and all this is what the Lord did through you. Before Moringa the absentee rate on average was 40%, consistently! Now, after 3 months of Moringa added to their porridge, it’s next to zero, praise Jesus! We have little remaining that will last us 3 more weeks. We are praying we can get funded to buy more. 
Please keep praying for us brethren because things are really bad here. All we are receiving is nothing but bad bad news. The political situation is really bad and some people have begun killing others. The cartels and politicians controlling the economy are making things difficult for us. We are experiencing hunger situations that have not been experienced in the last 20 years. This is due to the abnormal drought that we experienced last year and earlier this year.
I would like to let you know that the funds you send, a large percentage has gone to cater for food for the remaining part of this month. Food prices have more than doubled and is costing me a lot. I also managed to buy 38 textbooks that will take us through  the year each costing 420 shillings. I also took care of the school stationary and wages for the teachers.
As I have always done, a substantial amount went to the support of the pastors who most are seriously affected by the famine in kenya. I have not been able to leave the widows behind so they also received a good share because this time many people are dying of hunger. Brother, this month I remained with almost nothing for myself and family because of the need that surrounded me. I thank the Lord and give him all the glory.
Please continue to pray that God gives us another acre for cultivation of moringa at our new school. It truly is the way we are going become self-sufficient to bless so many that hunger and thirst each and every day in this country. God bless all who pray and support us, it mean so much and we thank Jesus for you all! -Pastor Moses