December, 2015

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GMFC Moyale Kenya Update – December 2015

Update from brother William on our Moyale, Kenya mission field. Greeting to you brother Jimmy and all the GMFC partners. I thank God for this precious moment to give report. There was fighting and hostility this month and no freedom of movement in the town and villages due to fear.Read More

The Incredible Blessing of GMFC Child Sponsorship

The slideshow below will illustrate the incredible blessings not only given but received from child sponsorship through GMFC. You will see how happy the children are and many are orphans. Included are a few letters from the children to their sponsors and also report cards from their school. Some comeRead More

Am I Richer Press Release

Click the picture below for our latest press release. The new feature on our site is eye opening to say the least. Please share across social media. God bless you!

List of Salaries and Stewardship of Leading “Humanitarian” Organizations aka MONEY CHANGERS

List of Salaries and Stewardship of Leading “Humanitarian” Organizations aka MONEY CHANGERS and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing! Four “Christian” and two secular. Gospel for Asia Founded by KP Yohannan, we have never seen an organization start so good and fall so hard! He was a humble servant for decades(from what weRead More

20 Days to Harvest in Bangladesh

I am a very optimistic guy but when I saw the soil the Bangladesh missionaries were using to grow our 1st mini-farm, I was a bit skeptical. The soil I am used to is much darker and finer(I guess it looks more nutrient dense) in my “backyard”. Well, I amRead More

Need 28 Days Sponsored to Broadcast to MILLIONS in Mexico!

A few weeks ago we met and incredible man of God, 85 year old Wayne Searfoss. We decided to partner with him on what will be one of the largest Christian outreaches known to man due to it’s far-reaching impact! Brother Wayne, an open-air preacher for 68 years and foreignRead More