500+ Hear the Gospel in Khulna Bangladesh

What an INCREDIBLE testimony below. Brother Hilton was not scheduled to go to this healing & prayer meeting but by HIS provision had the opportunity to preach to 500+ people. Praise Jesus! After reading, consider clicking the button immediately below to help brother Hilton and his ministry team.

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Praise the Lord.
I am really very happy to write this post. I am thankful to Lord for this opportunity. Yesterday, unscheduled, I had attended a 3 days worship and healing prayer meeting in Khulna. There were about 500 + people who are joined from local and near place of Khulna division. I was not planning to go there and actually, I didn’t know about it because most people do not know me and do not know that I am doing Christian mission work. I must be very careful here as it’s very dangerous to spread the gospel in public. However, my Lord sent me there. Actually, Kana (my wife) and Shawon went there for Gospel coin distribution and then Ashis (our other volunteer) were going to another field to find some land, but, Kana and Shawon, when they saw the program and how large it was, called me and I knew that my Lord calling me to there for His work. I went there and tried to find a way to talk in them. I contacted the secretary and said to him that I want to distribute the Gospel coin to them and want to talk to them about the coin, and he agreed!  He gave me a chance to talk to  them and saw there something wrong, Why are the flower, why are the altar as like Hindu They were mixing the gospel message with the customs of other religions. An abomination for sure. So, I prayed to Lord and asked to Him that He talk through me, and I am thankful to the Lord, He did! I shared the word of God, how to obey Him, how to praise Him, how to be good Christian and live a good christian life. What He said to obey His ten commandments and what He gave to us. I talked about the coin and we distributed them. I invited them to us and to know more about TRUE Christian life. we also talked with some people personally after the program and also we attended the lunch program. I am really very thankful to Lord and also to all of my brother and sisters who have been praying and supporting us. I request that you please pray for us and our mission that we can preach the truth in people ’til the end. God bless -Brother Hilton 

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