A New Bangladesh Mission Field

Brother Hilton, our indigenous mission leader, updates us from bangladesh as they are starting a new Bangladesh mission field! 

Praise the Lord, All Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a report of our this month’s outreaches. Our entire team went a new village at Satkhira which was about 68 KM(42 miles) from our home base of Khulna. Pastor Tapon, our Tala leader take us there because he knew the place before. Yesterday early morning we started our journey. We were aware of the incoming rain but at the beginning the sky was clear. We reached there and we saw some women were waiting for us. Our plan was we will visit door to door, but because of rain, they came at one place and we talked to them. We preached to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were very excited because before yesterday, they didn’t know about Jesus Christ, they just then knew about some Christians but no details. There was about 10 families who were moved and want to give their lives to Jesus Christ. We said them that we will come again and again to teach more about Jesus Christ, and then we will Baptize them. We will establish a new mission field there with a local church fellowship. Suddenly, there was rain so we sat in a house where rainwater came inside through the tin roof. It was really very hurtful, they live in that house where they have no adequate protection. Most importantly, they need Jesus Christ in their life. They want to change their life with true faith in Christ Jesus. They also need help for their families and children like food, fix up shelter, etc. So, we request you please my brother and sister. Please pray for them and support them for their families & Jesus’ glory. We will update about them again soon. Please pray for us and our mission. God bless you and yours. Amen

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