Bangladesh is Receiving Jesus

A land that is inhabited by 90% Muslims and 9% Hindu is receiving the Good News with open arms. Our brethren are ministering in new villages and helping the downtrodden daily. Bangladesh is receiving Jesus because of these faithful brethren. Brother Hilton updates us this month below.

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Praise the Lord,
We are giving to all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is continuing to help us in our mission work. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters who are praying and supporting us for the Bangladesh mission. We are always praying for the Tala Church members and people from that area. You know, most of the people from that area are hindu and muslim. They are worshiping idols and conducting worldly life. Through Tala Church, we are inviting them to come to God’s House and preach the Gospel to them. Yesterday (Sunday) we (Daniel, Kona, Santo) went to the Tala Church. We started our journey after lunch. We reached over there about 4:30 pm. It took long time to get there, about 2 and half hours because the road is getting worse day by day from rain. We bought 5 chairs and some foods for them. We were very glad to see the them. The house was full and they were eagerly waiting for us. Pastor Tapon, our Tala Church pastor, started the church service with prayer. We were praising God with singing. Brother Santo preached the gospel to them and he preached about women’s role in Christian life and church and how to worship in church as a woman. It was almost dark because of winter season, the day is short. We noticed one thing, they were carefully and quietly listening. We finished our church service with prayer. After church service, we gave apple to children and sweets to guardian. We talked with children and their guardian. Through this church, we are preaching gospel to them and converting their life toward Jesus Christ. We are preaching them out of their sinful or worldly life.  They are very happy for Church. Every Sunday they gather together in the church and praise Jesus. Please pray for Tala Church and Bangladesh mission. We are praying for you. God bless you all. Amen

GMFC Brethren Signing to the Congregation as they Worship Jesus

GMFC Bangladesh Tala Khulna Sponsor A Child