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GMFC Mission Fields Update Sept 2017 – Kenya & Bangladesh

September 2017 Blog Banner 900x300 Global Mission for Children Kenya Kibera Slums

This month we are updating all mission fields in video. To JESUS be all the glory! AMEN   Brother Joseph updates us from where he ministers and lives, the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. One of the most impoverished places on earth. Click here for a more detailed update. Brothers William and Joshua minister to muslims and tribal people in Northern Kenya. Moyale is on the Ethiopian border where the brethren also breach. Many Muslims and tribal people are coming to Christ as the Gospel is preached to the captives. Brothers Hilton & Pastor Tarpon update us from our BangladeshRead More

The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

Brother Hilton, our indigenous Bangladeshi mission leader, updates us on the first GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh and much more! Praise the Lord. All Glory to the Lord Jesus. Greetings to you from Bangladesh. We are very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ who is always giving us strength, power, and making us His soldiers for His great work. We are thankful to you all who are praying and supporting us for mission work at Bangladesh. This is the report of August 2017 which highlights our work including the first GMFC Christian church in Bangladesh. First GMFC Church inRead More

A New Bangladesh Mission Field

Brother Hilton, our indigenous mission leader, updates us from bangladesh as they are starting a new Bangladesh mission field!  Praise the Lord, All Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a report of our this month’s outreaches. Our entire team went a new village at Satkhira which was about 68 KM(42 miles) from our home base of Khulna. Pastor Tapon, our Tala leader take us there because he knew the place before. Yesterday early morning we started our journey. We were aware of the incoming rain but at the beginning the sky was clear. We reached there and weRead More

A Christian Church is Built in Bangladesh

What a blessed sight to see a Christian church being built in Bangladesh. A country that is 90%+ Muslim and 9% Hindu! We give all the glory to Jesus. A quick update from brother Hilton: Daniel and I visited Tala Church yesterday and we started the Church construction work with prayer. We hope in 5 days they can complete the work if rain holds out. We are now 80% complete and should finish by this weekend. The building is very simple but will glorify Jesus as the brethren worship and souls are saved. We are praying to furnish the churchRead More

June 2017 Update from Bangladesh

Brother Hilton provides a blessed update from the GMFC mission field in Bangladesh. Praise the Lord- Greetings to you from Bangladesh. We are glad to say thank you because you are always praying for us and praying for the Bangladesh mission. We are also thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ who always giving us strength, power and empowers us as His soldiers for His great work. Updates: Church Construction We are praying for Tala Church for a long time. It is the first non-house GMFC Church in Bangladesh. Now we are going to construct Church in Tala. So aRead More

1st GMFC Christian School in Bangladesh is Finished

All the glory goes to Jesus as we have completed constructing the school in Bangladesh! We still need a few more monthly sponsors. The brethren on this mission field worked for months, day and night to complete this project. Please view the video below that will show the progress from beginning ’til the end. Here is the update from brother Hilton below: God is gracious. This is an update and thanks giving time for all. Its was March 2016, we saw a dream for a school and we start prayer to Lord for our dream, My Lord answered us. Our dreamRead More