A Christian Church is Built in Bangladesh

What a blessed sight to see a Christian church being built in Bangladesh. A country that is 90%+ Muslim and 9% Hindu! We give all the glory to Jesus. A quick update from brother Hilton:

Daniel and I visited Tala Church yesterday and we started the Church construction work with prayer. We hope in 5 days they can complete the work if rain holds out. We are now 80% complete and should finish by this weekend. The building is very simple but will glorify Jesus as the brethren worship and souls are saved. We are praying to furnish the church and our needs are posted below. God bless all of you. -Hilton Biswas

Update July 30th, 2017! The Church is open!

    Quantity  Taka
Bibles   30 $18,000$225
Song Books   50 $9,000$113
Preaching Desk   1 $5,000$63
Chairs   10 $6,500$81
Table   1 $2,500$31
Fans   3 $8,000$100
Floor Mats   1 $2,000$25
Lights   10 $1,000$13
Electrical   1 $5,000$63
Curtains   1 $3,000$38
Storage Box   1 $2,500$31