1st GMFC Christian School in Bangladesh is Finished

All the glory goes to Jesus as we have completed constructing the school in Bangladesh! We still need a few more monthly sponsorsThe brethren on this mission field worked for months, day and night to complete this project. Please view the video below that will show the progress from beginning ’til the end. Here is the update from brother Hilton below:

God is gracious. This is an update and thanks giving time for all. Its was March 2016, we saw a dream for a school and we start prayer to Lord for our dream, My Lord answered us. Our dream was for poor children who can’t go to school and who are not getting real christian religion knowledge from the local or government school. Our dream was for them who can get a best and real Christian doctrinal teaching. Our educational system teach the worldly but not spiritual. We wanted to develop a great educational system where they can learn what they need for future and also they can grow in a Christian environment. Here in Bangladesh it’s 90% Muslim and 9% Hindu(Christian just .05% and much of that is fake). In future they can take their Savior with them as they will learn. 

After a long time at September 2016 finally we got the blessing seeds(donations) from them who are chosen from my Lord for His kingdom. We start the building work. We faced different types of problem but my Lord all time with us and He helped us to continue the work. We worked 4 months days and nights to build the school. We build 6 rooms and 2 toilets for children and its now looks a blessing gift from God to us. And the time is for thanks giving! We really thankful to my Heavenly Lord who blessed us for building the school for children. We thankful to all of our partner, brothers and sisters from abroad who support us and prayed for our this school project. I like to give special thanks to Brother Jimmy Miller who is selected from Lord for us, who really a good and honest leader, every time he give us advice and encouragement what helped us to continue the work. He collect money for us from there and sent us to work. He present our all work to abroad to all friends that they can help and pray for us. We really very thankful to Brother Jimmy Miller for his leadership. We like to thanks all of our volunteer of Bangladesh who worked days and nights with me to build the school. Brother Santo, Showan, Daniel, Ashis and all worker. They worked happily actually they took this work for their responsibility from God. I mean they followed the order from God for the children. Again, I like to give all glory to my Lord, His blessing and wisdom able to make us the success.

And finally, I request to all my friends please pray again for our school because we submit our papers to our local government for approve and then we will apply for school registration to Primary Education Board. We also need a few more monthly sponsors to fund the education for these children. We hope and pray God will answer us as He done before. God bless you and yours. Amen. -Hilton