Coronavirus Cripples the 3rd World Brethren

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The Corona Virus has wrecked havoc on the 3rd world as governments are closing down towns, cities and even entire countries. The dear brethren we serve in general make about $1 – $2 USD per day and 90%+ of that goes to buy daily food to survive. Now that the countries of Bangladesh, Kenya and Ethiopia have shut down businesses, etc, people don’t have income to even buy the basic necessities to survive. I just got off a video call with one of my mission leaders and he was in tears explaining to me how bad the situation truly is.

Click here for his personal letter for help.

A quick note from our Kenyan brethren explaining the dire situation:

Hello dear brother. I am back home from 3 days evangelism at Kolongolo village. Thank you for your prayers. The corona virus is causing a lot of problems to our church brethren here. All brothers who work with Chinese and Indian owned quarries as stone breakers have been laid off from work until further communication. We are praying to help them with daily food as they are out of work and eat from their daily pay of just a dollar or two which is now gone due to layoff. -Bro Haron Wanjala (Kenya Overseer)

Will you kindly help out these dear brethren in their great time of need? Click immediately below to give one time with just an email and card number to this most needed cause. 100% goes directly to the most needed souls for food and natural medicine, where needed.