20 Days to Harvest in Bangladesh

I am a very optimistic guy but when I saw the soil the Bangladesh missionaries were using to grow our 1st mini-farm, I was a bit skeptical. The soil I am used to is much darker and finer(I guess it looks more nutrient dense) in my “backyard”. Well, I am humbly so very wrong, yes…yet again…LOL  In just 20 days, Hilton and his ministry team in Bangladesh will be picking their 1st harvest! YES!! 20 days red spinach is ready to be picked!!!Praise Jesus!  – Jimmy

Letter from Hilton below-

Hello brother.. here are our photos from our farm project. I just came back from visiting there, you see the pictures??? Only 17 days and today we are getting a harvest. Praise the Lord! Please pray for the fields to continue to produce in such great ways. Friday, we will distribute the vegetables to our ministry volunteers. Amen

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