A Family Famished in Bangladesh

I received a report last month from brother Hilton, the leader of our Bangladesh mission. He explained to us he was visiting a new village to preach the gospel and he came across this dear family that was famished and sick. Not an unusual site in this incredibly poor country, but, this case is a bit unique. The man is a former Anglican pastor who was shunned after he left that denomination due to their false doctrine! He has been unable to get a job for 16 months!!! We found him and his family in such great need because of this hateful world and their man-made doctrine. They were malnourished and so very skinny and sick. We gave them some financial help initially to get some food and we started praying for a few weeks before our last visit, which was yesterday. This time, we bought our statement of faith printed out as we prayed he would agree with these bible truths in hopes we could bring him on as a monthly partner to preach the gospel to his village! Well, after Hilton read to him our doctrinal statement, he agreed with it and said he will review in great detail and get back to us this week. You can help our mission by clicking here as we pray Pastor Topan heeds this call from the Lord. You can click the donate button and make it a monthly donation if you so choose by checking the box. Just $100 per month will support this dear families needs as we work beside Pastor Topan to preach the true gospel to all creation. Thanks for reading and all the glory to Jesus! AMEN