GMFC Bangladesh Christian Schools in Five Villages

One of our greatest needs is starting Christian schools in Bangladesh, a country that is almost 90% Muslim and just .03% “Christian”. Most of those practice the cult of catholocism. So, the need is INCREDIBLY great and we have a calling from God to stand in the gap! You can be a huge blessing to so many children as it’s just $3 per month per child to enroll them in one of our schools! Please pray and consider helping out these precious children. We can educate over 300 children for $913 PER MONTH! Join us by clicking “donate now” to the right(or at the bottom of this page) as we withstand against sin and false teaching. 

We are launching 5 Christian schools(K-5th grade) on our mission fields in Kuhlna, Bangladesh. They are in the villages of Botiaghata, Fulbarigate, Apilgate, Senhati & Condonimohol. There will be a total of 300 children that will be transferring from their current secular schools, which teach falsely, to our Christian schools. Praise Jesus! The TOTAL monthly cost for the schools is just $913 per month! It costs DOUBLE that to teach ONE CHILD in the US! On the larger field, we need to construct a 6 room schoolhouse and buy materials which will cost, in total, just $4,000 including all supplies and school materials. We almost have that funded, praise GOD! The other schools we are renting small rooms.

donate nowIt only costs only $3 USD per child per month to give them a quality, God centered education. Sponsor 10 children’s education for just $30 per month! Or maybe you are in the position to sponsor a whole school! Click below to be part of this incredible blessing for so many children. There is also a place on the page to give one-time towards the Botiaghata schoolhouse building too. May HIS peace be with you. At just $3 per month per child, the impact is incredible. You can learn more about our Bangladesh mission by clicking here, a one-time donation button is there also. Scroll to bottom of page if you would like to see the detailed costs associated with five K-5th grade Christian schools. Otherwise, click the “Donate Now” button to the left or below as you are led by the Lord. 

God bless you. 

GMFC Bangladesh 5 Christian Schools One-Time Cost

GMFC Bangladesh 5 Christian Schools Botiaghata Monthly Cost

GMFC Bangladesh 5 Christian Schools 4 Schools Mothly Cost