Proclaiming the Good News in Bangladesh

Brothers Hilton & Daniel, our indigenous mission leaders in Bangladesh, update below.

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November 5th, 2017 

Praise the Lord, I am giving a warm welcome to all brethren of Christ. We are praising Almighty God for His blessing in our life and ministry. He chooses us for His Heavenly work. And also thankful to our all brethren who are praying for and supporting us through GMFC.

I went to our GMFC Christian school and spent some time with children. We taught them Christian songs. You know, most of students of our school are Hindus so we teach them the Gospel, about Jesus Christ and Bible story to them through songs. We can’t preach Gospel directly to them so we use wisdom from above to get them the Truth. That’s why we are using songs and Bible story to preach the Gospel. Our school teachers are in busy time because the final exam is knocking at the door. They are also visiting homes and collecting new students for next semester which starts in January. We are praying for the students as we minister to them the True God and as they learn true education in childhood. Please pray for the GMFC School in Bangladesh, the students and also teachers. Pray we can continue to admitted new students, teach about Jesus Christ and Bible story to the students and run the school safe and sound through the grace of Jesus Christ.

We are always praying our mission fields, sponsored children, widows and their families. We are preaching Gospel to them and visiting their homes. Besides our mission fields and church member’s house, we are preaching Gospel to other homes too. You know, our mission fields are in remote areas, in remote villages. They are very poor and their houses are broken. Winter season is upon us and the village side is very cold. Another important matter is that they are suffering from various diseases by mosquitos, especially children, widows and old people who are passing bad conditions by cold and mosquito. We are praying that we can give some blankets and mosquito nets in our mission fields this coming month.

Our New Mission Field

Pastor Tapon is working in two mission fields, Tala and Satkhira. He is working very hard for God. Basically, he is breaking “hard ground” as most of them are Hindu and Muslim but they are coming to Christ, one by one. He is preaching the Gospel to them diligently. He recently discovered a new mission field. This new field is very remote area, about 20 kilometers from Tala, his home base. This area is named Olladanga in Satkhira. There are about 20 families in this area. Most of the families are Hindu. Pastor Tapon visited some families and talked with them. At first, he selected 10 families to preach Gospel to because these families were interested to hear Gospel and gave him a chance to preach Gospel over there. You know all people are not the same, some people are very aggressive in that area and they don’t like to hear Gospel. So, Pastor Tapon preached Gospel these 10 families who were more than willing to hear first. They gave him a place to worship and praise True God. They gathered together in a corridor with about 10 children, 7 widows, and 15 Young among these 10 families. They are very, very poor. They are leading a worldly life void of Christ. They are worshiping an idol god. We believe that God has chosen Pastor Tapon and led him to that area to preach Gospel. We are praying that one day, these people will understand the Gospel and take Jesus Christ in their lives as a Redeemer. Pastor Tarpon will continue to preach there as long as they will listen. We shall rejoice when some come to Jesus!

Please pray for our mission fields and sponsored children and widows. Especially pray our pastor and church so we can continue to preach the Gospel to other people that they can know the Truth of  Jesus Christ and can change from their worldly life.

We have some immediate needs like Bibles and song books for the Tala Church and the new field and some blankets and mosquito nets for our all mission fields. Below I am giving how much we have need those things.

  1. Bible 30 ps

  2. Song books 30 ps

  3. Blanket 200 ps (for children, widows, and church members families)

  4. Mosquito net 100 ps (for children, widows)

God bless you. Brother HIlton Biswas (GMFC)

November 11th, 2017

Praise the Lord,

We are greeting all brethren from Bangladesh. We are given thanks to our Almighty Lord. He gives us strength and courage and we hide God’s Word in our heart to do His work. We are thankful to our all brethren because they praying for us.

Today we ( Dyaniel and Samir ) went to Ullodunga village. This is a new field of our mission where we visited today. We are very glad to visit that area. Today we went there to worship Jesus with them and they were waiting for us. We went with Pastor Tapon and Netai. Pastor Tapon started worship with prayer, then we taught them a religious song. After the song, I preached to them on the Bible from The Book of John, verses 3:16 -20. Today I was surprised when they sang a song and gave answers. Some of them know very much about Bible even though they live in remote area. It’s really great! We finished with prayer and gave them some food while we spoke with them. They were very happy. We took some pictures of the children and widows. Today, 20 children, 4 widows, and some young and other people were present, total of about 50 people. T conclude this fruitful mission, we went to visit a house to see a old widow who is to sick and too weak to walk. She lost her one leg in an accident. We prayed for her then returned to Khulna.

Please pray for them, especially pray for that old widow and children. They are very poor. We visited their houses and they are broken with leaks, etc. Please pray we start a blessed fellowship here. God bless. -Brother Daniel Biswas

November 30th, 2017 

Praise the Lord,

We are giving to all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is continuing to help us in our mission work. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters that are praying and supporting for Bangladesh mission.

God gave us His huge blessing for our mission fields, Pastor Tapon and his teams are doing really very good and huge work at Shatkhira and Paikgacha. Last week he visited all mission fields, Tala Church, Shatkhira Church and a new field Uludanga, We are going to start a new home fellowship there, already some Hindu and Muslim families’ people are joining with us and continuing worshiping. We are teaching and preaching them. We believe and Hope there we will have some new believer very soon, we are knocking them regularly. And also our Tala Church also doing continuing, our members are very happy to getting every week teaching and preaching. We are praying to Lord for very soon we are going to appointing a Sunday school teacher and a local pastor for tala church, and also praying for new 2 fields too. At Khulan my home we are doing everyday worship at night. I am really very thankful to Lord because of this home, this some is some expensive rent but in one side this home is very good for prayer and Christian activities. Last home we leave because of our Christian activities, house owner and local people are never took it easily. But this home really a gift from God to us, here we can do all our mission work and all program, this home is some big and that is needed to us, we can call people to our home for worship and teaching here is no problem because this house owner is Christian. Every week we are inviting youths for bible study and youth meeting. We are teaching them through our GMFC weekly bible classes. Youths are very happy for the new teaching and very excited to get new knowledge what will help them to live holy and stay in right way. We are very thankful to Lord because we prayed for some lights and gift for our mission fields what was stuck at Bangladesh customs but last week we got it and now we are getting ready to distribute to our mission fields leaders and church. We are also very thankful to all of our friends who gave the gift for us. We are praying for our school because this year are going end and we are getting for New Year and we are hoping new students. Our teachers are doing very good job at school, they are teaching them basic education and also giving them the religious education every moment what will help them future from their childhood. Our brother Santo are doing work there and tack caring all of them, my wife she is the main teacher and she is also doing heard work with all teacher. Every months parents meeting we preaching the Gospel in them. We are praying because this year in July we applied for school registration, Government people will visit school and give us the permission but till now they are not visit us, we are hoping very soon they will visit us and we will do our activities easily, We already contact them but they are saying need more time. We hope God will send them soon. Last week 20/11/2017 my wife Kona fall down when we are going to visit mission fields. She got injured, her left arm joint displaced and a slight fracture occurs in the bone, she is taking rest and doctor said to meet her every week in a month. We are praying and fasting for her.

We are requesting to you all for prayer, Please pray for Tala, Shatkhira and Uludanga church and all members, please pray for our home fellowship and youths, please pray for all children because now is winter and we are praying for some winter blanker and mosquito net, please pray for our Pastor, volunteer and leader and for all teacher. We are praying for you. God bless you all. Amen