GMFC Life Sustaining Livestock Program

After praying for many years and building our mission fields up spiritually, we have launched the inaugural GMFC Life Sustaining Livestock Program and we could not be more blessed! I want to first clarify the incomes of the world so you can see the incredible opportunity we have here. So many “Christians” are not helping the poor as commanded! Judgement day is going to be harsh for them as Matthew 25 clearly states we will be judged on how we take care of the poor! What is “rich” you may be asking?? It’s very simple and you are most likely VERY rich.
  • 1.2 BILLION people live on less than $1.25 PER DAY!
  • 50% of the worlds population live on less than $2.50 PER DAY!
  • 80% Of the world lives on less than $10 PER DAY!
  • 22,000 CHILDREN DIE DAILY FROM POVERTY (the greed of the wealthy world)!
  • 3,000 Adults die daily from man-made poverty too!
  • Between 1981 and 2010, the average income of the extremely poor has remained flat at approximately half of the $1.25 line in Sub-Saharan Africa!
  • Americans are about 46 times richer than that of the poorest 1 billion people on the planet.

Now, are you rich according to the bible and the figures above? Are you more wealthy than 80% of the world and make more than $10 per day?  Let’s look at specific income examples. Do GMFC Life Sustaining Livestock Programyou make $35,000 per year? If so, you are in the wealthiest 4.6% of people in the world and there are 6,296,041,822 (more than 6.2 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 45 times wealthier than a billion people. (A billion people earn less than $762 a year). Maybe you make $20,000 per year? If so, you are in the wealthiest 10.9% of people in the world and there are 5,879,728,301 (more than 5.8 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 26 times wealthier than a billion people. Maybe you make about $10,000 per year? If so, you are in the wealthiest 19.9% of people in the world and there are 5,284,593,406 (more than 5.2 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 13 times wealthier than a billion people.

Now, read James 5:1-6 and see the judgement on the “rich” when they don’t help the poor. Then read Matthew 25 and see that we get judged on how we help the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, etc. EVERY word in that chapter was spoken by Jesus. OK, now on to our program and how you can help. The note below is from brother Wilson, our leader in India.

Donate a Goat below and help to sustain a village church planter’s family.

“Yesterday I went for village ministry. The church planters shared with me that they have no income to support their kids education, household expenses, medical and other expenses because they are reaching unreached in remote villages.(  In India a church planter is considered to be holy person who must be dedicated only to church and church work, the community will not accept the church planter to be involved with common jobs/works so the church planters are suffering a lot because they are not accepted if they get a job and they can not run their family with the little amount that they get from church)  When I was moving from one village to another village I saw a herd of goats coming from another direction. When I saw them i remembered my childhood where I was a Shepard taking care of goats to meet my needs if only the church planters have goats like I did when I was a kid they could take care of their own expenses.

So I spoke to the Shepard who was taking care of those goats he told me that he started out with 4 goats four years ago and now he has 50 goats and earns $3000 per annum now. If we can buy a goat we can support a church planters family life long and help them to take care of their medical expenses and kids education.  As it is a one time investment the income only increases. Initially one goat will help only one church planter as the number of goats increases we can help many church planters. I even spoke to a church member regarding this matter and he is willing to help us take care of the goats if we buy.

How it works —

  • One goat — after 8 months become 3Goat Program GMFC India
  • After 14 months become 7
  • After 20 months become 17

Like this they grow but we can sell additional goats with that money we can support church planters.
One goat cost $100 usd, we want to start with 5 goats so we need $500 usd.
In advance thank you for supporting this great kingdom work.
Church planters support starts in 9 months after buying a goat”

Click the mission field of your choice below to give to the GMFC Life Sustaining Livestock Program. God bless you!