GMFC Bangladesh

Sponsor a Child in BangladeshGMFC has partnered with brother Hilton Biswas, who leads our mission in the villages of Botiaghata, Fulbarigate, Apilgate, Senhati & Condonimohol in the state of Khulna, Bangladesh. A country where less than .3% of the population is Christian (90% Muslim). Pastor Hilton is a dedicated, born-again Christian, that serves the Lord with all his heart. His testimony of deliverance is incredible and he experiences daily the power of God’s words and promises, especially in the verse Luke 12:48. He is serving the people of Bangladesh with all his heart. He is joined by many volunteers that minister the Word of God daily to the lost while taking care of the orphan and widow. You can click here to become a monthly supporter of Pastor Hilton or scroll below to sponsor a child in Bangladesh. You may also click here to partner with us as we start Christian schools.

Please pray, and, if you are moved, partner with us. Scroll down to see the available children in Bangladesh waiting for a faithful monthly sponsor. Use the browser back button to go back. God bless you.

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