Testimony of Pastor Hilton

Pastor Hilton Head shotTestimony of Pastor Hilton Biswas

(In his own words)

It was 1984, 29th October, I born in Gopalgonj, Bangladesh. My father is a continental cook. He worked in CARE Bangladesh. We had own home in that time. My father had a small business in Khulna District. When I was in 6 years old, his business had fallen down. And that time his job contract period was finished. Get in to debt we got. At last we sold our home. And we moved from Khulna to Dhaka. Then my father got a job to Vatican embassy as cook. My second brother was born in 1989. Then I got an admission to school. I continue my study, when I was 9 my third brother was born in 1993. We think our all problem has solved because everything is going well in our life.

When I was in 16 years old, my father went to Libya for job. But that time Libya was barricade by USA. That’s why my father could not send many. That time our family faced critical situation. Then my education also stopped. For my families liabilities I joined electrical shop as an electrician helper. After one year my father came back in Bangladesh without income. Two years he was jobless. In my little I was unable to fill up my family needs. In tension I was drug-addicted. And I engaged with bad company. My father got a job after two years. Then I stopped my work. And I went to school again. When I was a candidate of Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C), my father became sick. My family faced same problem again. My education totally stopped.

Again I joined a new job. That time my age was 18 years. Beside my work I learned computer. In the day I did electric work, at evening time I learned computer, and at night I did art work. 1 year has gone. My education stopped, went away from religious life. I didn’t go to the church. Another time I waste my valuable time engaged with bad friends. Also I engaged with dishonest act, crime. Some of my friends do an act of enmity with me. They thread to kill me, because I was their only witness of all crimes. My father decided to leave Dhaka and we leave Dhaka at night.

We came village and I start a Computer school, that was really good time for me, and in the moment I love a girl in village, that time I was 19 years. Because he had knew about our love. But my lover’s family did not want to give permission to marriage with me to his daughter. Because they knew about my past life, so we decided, we will marriage with their permission, when they know about our decision they agree, we marriage in 2002, 5th October. But I do not leave drug, and also I did not attend Church. My wife and my family told me to attend Church but I did not, because for my life’s story I did not believe in God. And also I did not attend also my family prayer meeting. My business had fall losses. Me and my wife came again Dhaka for job, it was 2004, February. She fined a job in a school and got some tuition, but I did not find job so I worked with a computer shop and at night I worked art shop. We pass 1 year, I got a job as an engineer in a computer farm. And my job area was out of Dhaka so join my job with my wife in new area. In 2006, 18th August my daughter was born. After 3 years her born my company had close. Again I come jobless. It was 2009.

2009, 26th February I joined a MLM company, and I worked there 2 years, I income from there some money, my mother ask to me that God provide you the money because I prayed to Him for you. And He answered me. I believe it because from the beginning of my life I faced many problems. Have no any time when I face God and prayed to Him for me or my family. But I believed my mother, because every critical situation in our family my mother’s prayer saves us from all destruction. When she prays I saw tears all time in her eye. He was devoted to God, She had the power of prayer, I felled that I had the power of her prayer. And I try to change my mind, tried to pray like her, but I can’t, She told me just close your eye and try to think about God, think about your life what is given by Him, and I do this, I fell well and I have got mental strength and, then I attend the Church every Sunday. And try to leave bad habits, I regretted, I apologize to God. I believe He forgives me and I successes. God helps me to do that. Amen. In 2010, 2nd January I start a School for poor children because I did not study for the money. I continue the school in my MLM income. But in 2011 Bangladesh Government declare MLM business is illegal. My business was closed. Again I come jobless. My mother told me that it is an exam from God, because He wants to know that are you really believe Him or not. And I decide that I will work for God. I start Bible theology study and I start my ministry for youth and children.

From the beginning of believe in God, it is miracle that I have no problem and I am very happy with my family and ministry. Because I believe my Heavenly God choose me for His work and ordered me as He want to me. What I want to Him in prayer He answer me at a time, what I have need, where I have to go and what will my plan everything He decide for me. Now I am doing ministry in Bangladesh, I have a Church, youth and Child ministry. And I believe that I will continue my work for Him till my end. Amen

The Ministry for God

I have been working in Bangladesh for 3+ years. Now we have already 5 projects.

I hope in our work yours prayer and God’s bless with will be us.

Our project:

Education Project

Handicraft Project

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