Your Help is Needed

First, we give all the glory to the Lord Jesus, He is worthy. This week we lost 32 child sponsors (about 30% of our entire sponsorship) so we need your help. If you are able to sponsor a child, or two, please pray to do just that. If you can’t, please share with others as the Lord leads. 100% goes directly to the poorest mission fields of Africa and Asia. Thank you. James 1:27

Children who lost their sponsor are listed below.  
PIYA MISTRI Female 9 Sanhati (Khulna) Bangladesh  
LISA HALDER Female 8 Sanhati (Khulna) Bangladesh  
Hannah Havilah Female 8 YousufGuda, Hyderabad India  
ANTOR BISWAS Male 8 Bothiyaghata (Khulna) Bangladesh  
Wafula Tome Male 7 Years Old Bungoma Kenya  
RANA SHAIKE M 7 Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh  
LABONI AKTER Female 7 Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh  
Tonmoy Mitro Male 9 Fulbarigate Bangladesh  
Ayon Biswas Male 9 Apilgate Bangladesh  
Zarin Bain Female 9 Apilgate Bangladesh  
Clara Sarker Seba Female 9 Chondonimohol Bangladesh  
WARIO ABGUDO Male 11 Moyale Kenya  
DIBA GURACHA M 6 Moyale Kenya  
Lokho Chochana Female 9 Moyale Kenya  
Daki Dokata Female 9 Moyale Kenya  
Ephraim Otando Male 3 Years Old Bungoma Kenya  
Rihana Mwanja Female 3 Years Old Bungoma Kenya  
Flora Okumu Female 5 Years Old Bungoma Kenya  
Bravin Nyongesa Male 4 Years Old Bungoma Kenya

SHARON WAIRIMU Female 6 Nairobi Kenya   
ALIF MOLLA Male 6 Sanhati (Khulna) Bangladesh   
Babra Atieno Female 2.5 Years Nairobi Kenya   
Sujoy Sarker Male 5 Chondonimohol Bangladesh   
Prottasha Sikder Female 10 Apilgate Bangladesh   
DIP GOLDER Male 5 Sanhati (Khulna) Bangladesh   
​D Praneth Male 4 Years Old YousufGuda, Hyderabad India   
Melvin Nyongesa Female 3 Years Old Bungoma Kenya   

 Or you may choose from children below.