Mission Gospel Tracts

Below you will find unique Gospel tracts that really make the individual THINK about who is the One True GOD! One is for the “professing Christian”, in other words all the fake Christians out there that do not follow Jesus correctly and that have wrong doctrine(prosperity, word of faith, hyper-grace, etc). The ones that don’t preach repentance or holiness correctly, etc. The other one is the one you will use that is for non-believers. It is a tri-fold to be printed on one piece of paper, 2 sides, so the top right panel of the 1st page will show when its folded(IN THE BEGINNING….)
Then you will open it up to the bottom page and explain to them how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to fulfill just 8 prophecies by CHANCE. Jesus fulfilled over 350!!!
Then you go to the back (top left to panels)  “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO BE SAVED?” and give them the “Way to the Cross”, the Gospel message, and that is how it goes finishing with some edifying bible verses. I truly believe this way is best as it makes them think about how impossible it would be for all that to be of chance.

Jesus did not fulfill just 8 prophecies brother that were written about him hundreds and thousands of years BEFORE He was on this earth, he fulfilled 353! WOW! Here is the list I posted. Powerful saints. This is undeniable proof that Jesus is Lord, share with the world. God bless you all. CLICK HERE for all the prophecies Jesus fulfilled.

Click Here for the Non-Christian Tract (Tri-Fold)

Click Here for the False/Professing Christian Tract (Tri-Fold)