Nelson the Orphan Artist

As I visited our sponsored orphanage a few months back, I was met with an incredible surprise that greatly touched my heart. We Nelson 11 Global Mission for Children Kenya Sketch Orphanage nairobivisited the Makina Clinic 1st where so many children (and adults) are treated for free thanks to the entire team of Spirit filled saints at the clinic that have given up everything to serve the poor. We then walked about 3/4 of a mile through the Kibera Slum to the orphanage to visit 40+ children in their care. They sang godly songs for us and also recited bible verses which was a big blessing. I was then approached by a young man named Nelson who is 11 years old. He presented me with a sketch he made of me and I was so impressed. You see, I can’t draw stick figures! He was given my Facebook profile picture and drew this incredible sketch with a pencil! WOW, a gift from God for sure.

A few weeks after I returned (and after recovering the picture on the ride to the airport for our departure (I left it in the taxi we used when we 1st arrived in Kenya while in Nairobi a week before putting it above the visor so it did not wrinkle) it made it home with me. It was folded by then up but held out good. The living conditions in one of the worlds largest and most poor slums where Nelson lives is horrible, I mean of the worst I have ever seen! For example, The average size of shack in this area is 12ft x 12ft built with mud walls, a corrugated tin roof with a dirt or concrete floor.  These shacks often house up to 8 or more with many sleeping on the floor. In most of Kibera there are no toilet facilities. One latrine (hole in the ground) is shared by up to 50 shacks. Once full, young boys are employed to empty the latrine and they take the contents to the river. I will not elaborate any further…

donate donationSo, here is how we are going to bless the 40+ children in the orphanage and provide funds to the medical clinic to help them expand and treat more children. You can donate any amount to Nelson (we suggest $20 or more as it takes him 3-4 days to complete but whatever the Lord leads) and he will draw you a sketch. It’s that simple. It can be any photo you like. Makes a “priceless” gift for sure! Not everyday can you get a piece of art from an orphan in Kenya. We are going to split the donation where 75% will be used to help with the orphanage and medical clinic and 25% will be put in an account for dear Nelson(and others at the orphanage for their future). This will give them an opportunity that most don’t have, a head start to begin serving the Lord as they become young adults! Of course they are all taught the way of Jesus and most will go into ministry, Lord willing. Click below to donate, then after checkout, you will be directed to a page where you can upload your picture. You can make your donation monthly if the Lord leads you. 

2 Corinthians 9:7  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

God bless you!

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