Sponsor a child below for any amount you choose. No sponsorship is too small or large for these impoverished children. Child sponsorship is incredibly edifying for the child as well as the sponsor. You choose the amount you want to donate monthly and 100% of your donation is used for the child sponsorship program.

We are self-funded and welcome others to join us in helping eradicate spiritual and physical poverty throughout the world. Every penny you donate goes directly to the mission fields. YOUR MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP will change lives FOREVER and is very important. Donations are used for the most pressing needs on the mission fields in the most impoverished places on earth. Monthly recurring donations are extremely important as it allows us to plan ahead and it’s needed more than ever as the lockdowns have truly caused unimaginable suffering in the countries we serve. In fact, an additional 1.2 million children are dying just from the unrighteous lockdowns, never-mind the 22,000 that die daily from man-made poverty. Poverty is also increasing at an unprecedented rate, etc. Your donation makes an incredible difference in many lives. Thank you.