A Special Request – US Missionaries Need Your Support

GMFC Justin Schoelen Updated Banner Feed the Poor

Since our inception in May 2012, most of our efforts have been in 3rd world countries, the poorest of the poor places on earth. Of course, we take care of “the least of these our brethren” all over the world as the needs arise and as the Lord provides. We are surely no respecter of persons. With that said, a special prayer has been brought to our attention and needs funding. Over the last many months, brother Justin Schoelen has set an incredible example to so many as he has been dumpster diving for Jesus. He is literally recovering hundreds of pounds of fruit, vegetables, meat, etc weekly and providing for the poor. This is perfectly editable food! In fact, much of the food is high-end organic! Before you write this off as “crazy”, please watch the video below. He has blessed hundreds with food already and has given to our mission to feed the souls overseas with not only physical food & clean water, but also the Bread of Life, the Living Water. Justin always preaches the gospel as he freely blesses so many with this food. Please consider giving to this worthy cause as he now wants to turn this into a larger operation and travel the country helping countless souls.

The bus has been bought and is one the road feeding countless souls with physical “bread”, and, most importantly, the Bread of LIFE!  With that said, please consider giving to this worthy cause so these brothers can bless others and stay on the road full-time. Justin and his team are labouring hard to get it but will need some help. Thank you and all the glory to JESUS.

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