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Physical & Spiritual Healing – October 2018 Updates

2 children under 5 years old dies of malaria every MINUTE in Africa & Asia. You can make a huge difference by donating as 100% you give goes directly to making and distributing these blessed devices and so much more like solar lights & chargers, Bibles, womens dresses & head coverings, etc to all of our mission fields. No donation is too small (or large). Thanks so much. We are also asking for help as we need to buy 3 sewing machines and supplies to start small tailoring businesses on each of our major mission fields. You may make a donationRead More

NEW Gospel / Mission Tracts

Share the gospel while you help those who labour day and night in the 3rd world do the same. We just had these incredible gospel tracts (see below) printed which have the Good News of Jesus on one side, and a call to action for our ministry on the other. Talk about a win-win! The suggested donation(s) are as follows and includes 2 day USPS shipping with tracking. Of course, you may donate any amount you like as 100% goes directly to the mission fields to support indigenous missionaries. For other ways to donate, click here. 100 tracts $15 200Read More

Sawyer Life-Saving Water Filters Arrive in Kenya & Bangladesh

 Video updates from our mission fields as the Sawyer water filters arrived! Glory to GOD! 2.2 million deaths are attributed to diarrhea, mostly from dirty water, and 1.8 million children aged under five DIE YEARLY due to water-borne diseases. This equates to one infant every 20 seconds! You can make a difference! Please click here or donate below. “Nearly two million children a year die for want of clean water and proper sanitation while the world’s poor often pay more for their water than people in Britain or the US, according to a major new report. The United NationsRead More

A Special Request – US Missionaries Need Your Support

GMFC Justin Schoelen Updated Banner Feed the Poor

Since our inception in May 2012, most of our efforts have been in 3rd world countries, the poorest of the poor places on earth. Of course, we take care of “the least of these our brethren” all over the world as the needs arise and as the Lord provides. We are surely no respecter of persons. With that said, a special prayer has been brought to our attention and needs funding. Over the last many months, brother Justin Schoelen has set an incredible example to so many as he has been dumpster diving for Jesus. He is literally recoveringRead More

Help us Start Moringa Farm

Moringa is the most powerful superfood, a marvelous work of God. This super-food is the most complete on the planet!  It: Helps alleviate malnutrition Provides much needed jobs in the poorest areas of the world Provides much needed income to help the poor, the orphan and the widow Helps us evangelize on all our mission fields while helping their physical state Join us today! James 1:27 – Luke 10:2 – Psalm 82:3 – Isaiah 1:17 – Luke 6:20 – Luke 4:18

Be Part of Our 1st Christian School in Bangladesh

(ORIGINALLY POSTED Sep 12, 2016) The very 1st Christian school in Bangladesh is being built as we speak and we will be employing the teachers in a few weeks! We are reaching out to the community to get students for the January 1st opening, Praise God but we need some help. We have the building funded but need money to support the monthly expenses. So far, as of November 3rd, 2016, we have $140 per month committed (UPDATE 7-10-2019: WE HAVE ZERO MONTHLY DONORS) but we need $724 per month to run the entire school. Now, it costs aboutRead More

The Moringa Tree Superfood Solution to Malnutrition!

Moringa farms are a huge blessing in so many ways. First, they alleviate malnutrition which is rampant in the developing world.  Second, it will provide jobs to bring people out of grave poverty and provide funds for our ministry. And most importantly, it will help us reach more souls to share the gospel with! Be part of an incredible farming opportunity that produces a crop in 3 months after initial planting and then a crop every 50 days year round! Talk about GOD SENT! A super hardy “tree” that will produce a super-food from it’s leaves. Please pray for this asRead More

AM Radio Living Hope Moving Ahead in Mexico to Reach Millions

Please click here or on the picture below to sponsor a day of AM radio with holiness preaching. It’s just $38 to pay for a day’s worth of electricity and you could be the sponsor of one (or more) days! Millions of lost souls will be reached daily when this station goes live in approx. one month in one of the last catholic (mystic) strongholds in the world! God bless you. Click Below to View the List of Towns That Will be Reached!

GMFC 2018 Bangladesh Winter Blanket Campaign

Please join us as we help bring warmth to the people of Bangladesh. We first and foremost bring them the Bread of Life and Living Water who is Jesus. The blankets are a great way to share the gospel with them as they open many doors. They are greatly needed as the winter bears down on Bangladesh and these very poor people can not afford them. God bless you!

Help Send 7 Missionaries to Sundarban Bangladesh

  ANOTHER OUTREACH ON FEBRUARY 27, 2017! Pastor Tarpon and brother Hilton will be leading the team to Sundarban today with gospel tracts, bibles and righteous saints preaching repentance FROM sin and holiness. Glory to GOD!  (From Sept 2015) Please join us in sending brother Hilton and many of his missionaries to one of the most spiritually wicked place on earth. The dwellers of Sundarban gradually developed a culture of their own over generations. They are deprived of almost every facilities of modern civilization. Hindus and Muslims worship the same gods irrespective of their religious beliefs. The cult of worshiping trees, snakes,Read More