Building a New Widows Home in Uganda for 4 Precious Souls

Building a Widows Home in Uganda Global Mission for Children the Best Christian Charity

Below we are going to chronicle building a widows home for the dear sisters in Uganda. You may CLICK HERE to help & check back.

It started with a message from dear brother Haron, our Western Kenya and Uganda overseer letting me know the need for a widows home:

DECEMBER 14TH, 2020:

Praise Jesus. We managed by God’s grace to visit and meet brethren for fellowship. We were also privileged to hold a bigger meeting at brother Masafus home. Providing new Swahili bibles has indeed been a huge blessing to Ugandan brethren. A sister aged 60 years openly confessed that it was her first time to hold a bible in her hands. God bless the few that pray and give to support such a worthy ministry. You can view the video here to see the light on the brethren’s faces after they received the Bible. We passed out almost 50 to the dear brethren and they were overjoyed.

In Uganda (and most all of Africa) once a woman becomes a widow she is totally ostracized and kicked out of the village she lived in all her life. Yes, by her own family! These sisters are targets and I can’t explain in words how horrid this is. The sisters have reported it to the local government agencies but the officers on the ground are very reluctant in addressing the issue, as is the case with most other issues too. Please let’s pray for our beloved sisters. About three of them have taken refuge in brother Masafus home but it’s very small.

I talked to brethren as you had suggested brother Jimmy about helping out the windows. There brothers are ready to offer us land for building the windows a home. The most needy are four. The church here is very ready to provide some materials and labor until the homes are complete. The budget I wrote below is the lowest for a home that can accommodate four widows plus their children. Praying for what the Lord will allow. God bless those who are praying and contributing.

I messaged bro Haron back and told him to get me the list of things needed and the pricing to build the home. His response is at this link. Here is the next message as a humble request was made for an outhouse for the widows:

$500 total for a humble home made out of cow dung, mud, steel and some wood. Many brethren there volunteered their time and whatever resources they have to help build it. A huge blessing from Jesus which most in the 1st World will never understand. I immediately came up with the money and sent it to them.

The pictures below are the beginning of the outhouse for the widows home

Widows home uganda Christians Charity Donate Support


DECEMBER 26TH, 2020:

Hello dear brethren. This is how far the house has reached. We will start fixing mud starting Tuesday. Most of the brethren are heading back to their homes to collect food because the number of those working on the house will increase Monday. This is because more will be needed to fetch water while others will do cooking and so forth. We are praying that we completely wind up by next week on Saturday. You will also see below sisters carrying water on their heads and the brothers working on the latrine making it ready for fixing mud.

Pit Latrine Outhouse Widows Home Uganda Kenya


Greetings from Kapnandi Uganda. We are almost there dear brother. The brothers and sisters are doing a great and commendable job. A huge blessing to work with them.

We are fine and God is faithfully helping us with this work here. We managed to fix the first layer of mud yesterday evening. Other two layers both on the inside and outside will be done later. Tomorrow the brethren will be fixing the doors and the windows if time allows. Most of the brothers and sisters travelled back to their respective homes today. I am greatly overwhelmed with joy for them. Their cooperation and willingness to serve the needy is surely admired by many and I have personally learned a lot from these dear saints. Thank you for your prayers and support. I will be leaving for my home on Friday God willing.

-Bro Haron Wanjala

Yesterday evening we had fellowship with the brethren. A lady who is a Neighbor to brother Masafu also fellowshipped us and promised to come again. All glory to God.


I will be leaving for home back to Moisbridge tomorrow morning. Brothers Martin and Masafu will take care of the remaining final touches then the widows will start living in the beautiful home. Glory to God and be blessed dear brother. Thanks to those who helped make this possible.

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