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Latest Updates from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia & Bangladesh


Yet another widow raped and dear brethren on an evangelistic mission were chased by a knife wielding man that tore up their water supply and bedding, BUT, they shall not back down and continue to preach the Gospel to these sinners as commanded. In fact, they asked for a tent so they can stay longer in the areas they are preaching that are far away from their home base. Click here for William’s update. A lifelong Muslim gives her life to Jesus and is hungry for The Truth. A lifelong Muslim gives her life to Jesus and is hungryRead More

How Many Children Sponsored in 9 Years?


This month marks the 9 year anniversary of our founding GMFC. Coming from a fast paced world as an entrepreneur before I gave my life to Christ, my goals were incredibly hefty but I was confident that I, as a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) could fulfill them, now for Jesus. So, in May of 2012, I set my goals of how many children I would like to get sponsored through this ministry I started. They were 3 million in 3 years and 5 million in 5 years. Hefty, but based on my past success in business, I trulyRead More


Most recent Global Mission for Children WFF GMFC Missions Update

Below you will find the latest updates for each mission field in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Bangladesh. All future updates will be posted at these links and are updated weekly. Working Faith Fellowship is the name of the Global Mission for Children Fellowships (Churches).

Building a New Widows Home in Uganda for 4 Precious Souls

Building a Widows Home in Uganda Global Mission for Children the Best Christian Charity

Below we are going to chronicle building a widows home for the dear sisters in Uganda. You may CLICK HERE to help & check back. It started with a message from dear brother Haron, our Western Kenya and Uganda overseer letting me know the need for a widows home: DECEMBER 14TH, 2020: Praise Jesus. We managed by God’s grace to visit and meet brethren for fellowship. We were also privileged to hold a bigger meeting at brother Masafus home. Providing new Swahili bibles has indeed been a huge blessing to Ugandan brethren. A sister aged 60 years openly confessedRead More

Help us Start 3 Christian Schools in Bangladesh in Jan 2021


After being forced to close our Khulna, Bangladesh school back in December 2019, we are praying to start 3 Christian schools in Bangladesh in January 2021. Yes, just a month away. We had a very successful school for 3 years in Bangladesh from 2017-2019 until the government told us to shut it down. This time, we are launching them on our 3 remote mission fields and the government is actually encouraging this smaller homeschool/church style setup as Covid has changed how many look at education all over the world. So, in spite of the ungodly hype and ridiculous lockdowns,Read More

Bibles 4 Kenya, Bangladesh, Ethiopia & Uganda

Uganda Kenya Bibles Banner Jesus Christian God Donate World Vision MAILCHIMP

We are in need of Holy Bibles for all our mission fields, especially our new fellowship in Uganda. Please help us purchase 100 Bibles for our Africa missions and 50 for our Bangladesh brethren. They cost $7 each yet are priceless. Other than the necessities of physical life like food and water to keep one alive, the Bible, the living Word of God, is a necessity for all brethren to have for spiritual growth. Thanks to all who give to this worthy cause. John 1:1-5 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and theRead More

“And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food”


The Lord Jesus provides to His children and His words never pass away. We are implementing a Goat program on all our mission fields in Kenya, Ethiopia & Bangladesh. The brethren are finishing local training and we will be ready to launch in a few weeks after many months of preparation. Proverbs 27:26-27 “The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field. 27 And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens.” The health benefits of goat milk include itsRead More

200+ Dead from Flooding in Kenya and Brethren’s Homes are Completely Demolished


Brother Haron reports from Western, Kenya as over 100,000 displaces and dozens dead from brutal flooding: Greetings from Moi’s Bridge Kenya. This is sad news concerning some of our brethren in our church. Currently, many parts of Kenya are hit by floods and rainy winds blowing violently. many roofs blown off and countless houses completely demolished. I was forced to halfway call off my goat training to attend to this emergency. Thanks to brothers Hamisi and Wandabwa who were quick to respond and offer help to this widow who wanted to pull down the remains of her damaged house.TheRead More

The Kenyan Brethren Labouring to Provide


These brethren are not gardening for “fun”, it’s for survival in the most impoverished places on earth. Please help us support brothers Haron & William as they labour for Jesus day and night. SPONSOR A CHILD SPONSOR A WIDOW

The World’s Grievous Statistics

worldometers worldwide statistics

Scroll down to “Food” and see how many people have died today due to hunger. Click the blue word “today” and it will switch to the yearly stats. Click the “+” sign for the source(s). Then, look at the menu at the top of this page and take action to help these precious impoverished souls.

Stand in the Gap

stand in the gap Ezekiel 22 30

This coming week I am flipping my home again for the glory of Jesus. During this time, my monetary resources will be directed in fixing up the home I will be moving in to and leaves so very little that I usually use for mission support. I am also making an investment that will help the mission for years to come which requires my time and financial resources too. This deficit will last a few months so I am asking for your help. It’s not for me personally as the day I started GMFC in May 2012 I promisedRead More