Deliverance from 27 Years of Witchcraft – Borehole and Land in Moyale, Kenya

Talk about blessings from ABOVE! I will let brother William, our Moyale, Kenya mission leader explain below. I will add, you will see in the videos below incredible worship and also brother Joshua Galgallo open-air preaching.

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, how are you and how do you do? I really thank God for this busy month of December. Many things happened and we have seen the powerful hand of God working. There were tribal clashes between Burji and Gabra tribes early this month here in Moyale but because of our prayer, God has stopped and changed the situation and now it’s peaceful. Also, God heard our cries of many many years about water. He used someone miraculously who is a born again Christian to drill a borehole with a solar pump as we have no electricity up here. Surely there is a way where there seems to be no way. We praise Jesus and we pray that it will be completed very soon. As we preach daily through repentance, many people turn against us, even my long time friends and many religious people opposing me.

We thank God as He saved a witchcraft woman who was doing all her things to fight against true Gospel. She was serving the devil, hey call(ayyana spirit) for more than 27 years. Her son was saved and serving the Lord with us for more than two years. We were praying and rebuking her because she was a working agent of Satan.she was give a wonderfully testimony how she was working for this devil spirit. I will send her video when she was repenting and praising Jesus.

The water borehole sellers came back and they brought a 10,000 liter thank and they prepared where to made solar panel stand. They brought six solar panel and they prepared the tank stand. All praise to Jesus. regarding church construction,  they are preparing to show us the land and we will start to prepare materials for construction of the Church from Tuesday this week. We have discussed with the land committees and we thank God for your prayers. We are favoured by our Lord as we are not going to have to buy Land but we will be given free, praise Jesus! They all agreed but they not yet show us the size of the land or the plot yet.
There are a lot of stomach issues here in our area due to drinking dirty water. I kindly request for your prayer and also prayer on borehole completion. We really appreciate all G M F C donors for their great support, we wish you long time serving in the Lord and praying for you in our daily prayer. God bless you all. -William Wario