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Indigenous Kenyan Missionaries On The Move

Our GMFC indigenous missionaries are on the move in Northern Kenya. They tried to go into Ethiopia but they told them there were too many of them, so, they decided to go in very remote areas of Northern Kenya where they have not been to before to plant more seedsRead More

The Moringa Superfood Harvest in Kenya

After many months of preparation, learning and hard work, the harvest is coming in Bungoma, Kenya. Below you will see brother Moses harvesting the very 1st moringa since we planted earlier this year. Please pray to help us expand as the need is so great in this impoverished part of theRead More

An Entire Family of Muslims Turn to Jesus in Moyale

What a testimony below from our mission leader from Moyale, Kenya (near the Ethiopian border). Many muslims continue to renounce Islam and give the lives to Jesus! Halleluia! Help the Moyale brethren reach more souls. Amazing testimony brethren! While I was in the village witnessing Jesus today, I found aRead More

Murder & Blessings in the Kibera Slums of Kenya

Brother Joseph updates us from the GMFC mission field in the Kibera Slums .  August 6th, 2017 Update: Praise Jesus brother, A good Sunday, we still find brethren who are able to raise the Kingdom of God. Many urban areas of Kenya are deserted, people run to their tribal villagesRead More

New Testament Worship Videos

New Testament Worship

Below you will find examples of appropriate New Testament worship. It’s not this loud rock, rap or even the godless CCM (contemporary “Christian” music) that is played in most “churches” today. It’s true worship from the heart & soul! For a complete teaching on what biblical, New Testament worship is, click here. 

New Testament Worship

Blessed are the Poor! Kibera Slum Update

One of the most beautiful verses in the bible is: Luke 6:20 And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God. I want to post Albert Barne’s commentary on this verse (as well as the correlating verseRead More

Kibera Slum & Siaya Village Update July 2017

GMFC Brethren… Are you a Disciple?

Hello brethren. I wanted to encourage you to make sure we are all walking with Jesus as HE want’s us to; as true disciples. 1st, let’s start off reading Luke 14 which is a personal call to discipleship from Jesus. Please remember brethren, EVERY member of your fellowship/church must beRead More

Siaya Kenya July 2015