The Moringa Farm has Begun

The long planned GMFC Moringa Farm in Florida has it’s 1st seedlings showing LIFE! All this came after I received a message about 6 months ago asking me if I knew about the water purification properties of the Moringa seed.  Now, it’s becoming a reality not only in FL, where we are selling it to the US market, but soon, on our mission fields in Bangladesh, Kenya and India. It’s a marvelous work of God. This super-food is the most complete on the planet! The founder of GMFC is funding the FL farm and is donating 75% of all the profits to the mission. He needs help in funding the farms overseas. It’s a one-time cost that will produce this miracle super-food crop every 50 days. It will:

  • Help alleviate malnutrition
  • Provide much needed jobs in the poorest areas of the world
  • Provide much needed income to help the poor, the orphan and the widow
  • Help us evangelize on all our mission fields

Join us today! James 1:27 – Luke 10:2 – Psalm 82:3 – Isaiah 1:17 – Luke 6:20 – Luke 4:18