GMFC Bangladesh Update July 2015

Another incredible blessing happened on our Bangladesh mission field this month. After 3 years of prayer, we were finally able to bless Pastor Hilton with a used motorbike. Glory to GOD! His words follow.

“Hello my honorable brother in Christ, how are you? We are well and blessed and also very happy. Brother, I have attached this months update and this month we have done huge work, but its just a fraction of what we need to do compared to the great need out there. As you know, the average income here for a family is $100/month. We have to do more work for His kingdom. I like to thank you and the GMFC team for the prayer and support. Please continue to pray for us and I have a very important information for  you about our Gollamari sponsorship project that will be explained when we have our next video call.

And the good news is I have completed the affidavit for our motorcycle. I am waiting to get the Digital registration, the number plate and Ownership transfer to Bluebook. I talked with a new (another) lawyer and he said he can do all work for $130. Please pray for the needs so I can get on the road to spread the gospel further that I could ever go before.

And thanks for the invitation to the Global Mission Fellowship. I like it and will continue post there about our all activities. I thank our supporters and request you all please pray for us and our mission and more support through prayers for sure. Talk soon. God bless you and yours. Amen” Hilton

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