Life Saving Gardens Needed IMMEDIATELY as 157,000,000 & Counting are Starving

Simply put, the 3rd World is starving. Lockdowns, then one of the worst droughts in history in the Horn of Africa and now an unrighteous war initiated by the globalist warmongers in the 1st World are literally starving hundreds of millions to death! Did you know 75% of Africa’s grain came from Ukraine? Did you know that food prices in the 3rd World have doubled and tripled and that resulted in massive starvation, as on a “normal” day before all this man-made debauchery, the average African, for example, spent in excess of 85% on food daily. So, double and triple the food prices and one may be able to eat one small meal every 2-3 days, at best.

Now, starve the Continent of Africa of 75% of it’s life-saving grain (of course this is on purpose) and you get one of the most catastrophic mass murders in history. You have not heard this on the mainstream “news”, be sure of that. It’s propaganda and all lies (yes, including the godless Faux News).

Below I have put together a video of all the life saving gardens we have been planting for the last year or so thank GOD but I can’t explain in words how much more is needed. We also need IMMEDIATELY as much bulk food as we can buy. Please, help as much as you can, millions of lives depend on individuals, not governments, not the “rich” but people like you. As always, 100% of all donations go directly to the most impoverished places on earth. Click here to donate.

Thank you,

James Miller