Greeting to GMFC-

I am doing well and God is doing new things every day. Our ministry is growing and I thank God for His favor this month. We are able to start a project of plantation to support our ministry because we have no support from any other source except GMFC and what we need to do is more because our ministry is growing. We went for great mission outreach for six days October 20-26 at TURBI and RAWAN. The majority of the occupants of Turbi are muslims and few catholics, which have no different from muslims. They are of the Gabra tribe. We went to every town, village, plot, house and individual sharing with them Word of Life. Some gave attention and listened to us and some chased us away. In the evening, we were doing crusades and many came to listen. Qe met face to face and talked with 303 souls. 23 souls confessed their sin and repented! We give glory to God for all this success. I again thank God because of GMFC, brother Jimmy, and all team for their support in the ministry at Moyale, Kenya to seek for lost souls and helping needy children. God bless you all. Continue praying for public addressing system and Christian School in Moyale, Kenya as the need is great to get these children out of public school where they learn false religions. I sent some photos of the mission and children to you as you will see below. And finally, there is a place were we evangelized and many souls are coming to Christ. The church near them now is struggling. Pray to God to open the door for us to plant a church there.

God bless you all-

Brother William Kosi
GMFC – Moyale Kenya