We have a special payer request this month as our Moyale, Kenya mission leader brother William Kosi’s father went to see the Lord this month. Keep brother William in your prayers as he rejoices as his father has gone home! Below is his update from this month.

“Greetings to you in the name of our LORD Jesus, how are you doing brother Jimmy? I  hope you are doing well praise GOD.  I am doing well too though challenges are many this month. We have been busy proclaiming gospel of Holiness and repentance and we have seen GOD working. We had wonderful Crusade and two souls were saved. We hired public addressing system and preached. I thank GOD because of GMFC for the provision of motorbike which enabled us to move from one market to another and one village to another proclaiming the truth. May GOD bless you as you continue serving HIM.

Thank you. – brother William”

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