Pray for Peace in Northern Kenya

GMFC MOyale Kenya ethiopia

Brother William Wario updates us from Moyale, Kenya (near the Ethiopian border). 

September 24th, 2017 I had great time preaching to a young man. After a long conversation, he decided to receive Jesus. Praise the Lord! He then came to our fellowship and he confessed all his sin before the Lord. The young man called Qalla was a Muslim! Also, it’s so miraculous that nine woman also confessed that Jesus is Lord this week! They also promise to serve the lord all of their remaining time on this earth. I prayed for them in front of congregation while they kneel down as you will see in the pictures. Five of the women were Muslim and four of them followed traditional, tribal heresies. There is a tree near their village they used to worship as their “god”.

October 2nd, 2017 Hi dear brethren, it was such a busy week. There was recently great fighting in Moyale, Ethiopia just north of us. So many people lost their loved ones and the Borana tribe they lost more than thirty souls. The Gari tribe also killed more than fifty people. Al-shababa terrorists joined the Gari to reinforce them and all the occupants ran for their lives. The clashes were over land. Moyale Kenya is still peaceful but a lot of fear.  The fighting has calmed down between Borana and Gari at Moyale, Ethiopia but has affected so many things. The presidential election in Kenya is becoming worse as demonstrations of opposition parties are everywhere. There is no electricity where we live brother and only a very few people have solar in the market as it’s always congested. Our cell phones stay in line for at least two or three days to be charged. The solar lights and small chargers will be a huge blessing for us and save us much time and also some money. We thank God for his faithfulness in our field. We appreciate you and all GMFC donors for great support in our ministry here in Moyale Kenya, helping widows and orphans. We have received our funds for mission Van. Soon we are going to have the Van. Praise the Lord.

October 17th, 2017 Hello dear brethren, Satan is a liar & he is ashamed from beginning. His work is to steal, kill and destroy. I was out of network for over one week as one and half weeks ago we got into an accident with the van just 2 days after purchasing it and one person got a head injury after being hit by the side mirror. He unfortunately and carelessly ran out in front of the van. We took him to Kenyatta hospital in Nairobi, a day’s travel and he unconscious still. I left him after staying by his bedside and am now heading back to Moyale. My phone was also stolen in the process of rescuing this soul and had no ones contact information. My wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy while I was gone. Please pray for this man to find Jesus as he is a Muslim.

October 19th, 2017 Brother Joseph Otieno, our Kibera Slum (Nairobi) leader states:  I’m near Kenyatta national hospital brethren & I do weekly visits to pray for the sick. I was in Kenyatta national hospital today during lunchtime visiting hours looking for the injured man. Glory to Jesus!!! I found the injured man had been discharged from the hospital already feeling better. Halleluia! 

October 28th Praise the Lord brethren, all is well. The GMFC ministry team is heading to preach in a very reserve area today(AMBALO). There are only two believers there and they are new believers. I will be going to encourage them, have fellowship with them and disciple them. We are praying to God to add more souls there and start a weekly fellowship.

October 29th, 2017 Hello brethren, we had blessed fellowship at AMBALO yesterday. It is more than 100 km from our place and the new ministry van we were just blessed with made this happen. 7 people came for fellowship praise the Lord, two men, one girl, and four women.